SourceCon: the place to learn for ambitious sourcers and recruiters

SourceCon Europe will be in Amsterdam this May. We’re thrilled to send three Hudson RPO sourcers to the event!

SourceCon is the place to be for all things talent sourcing.

The event is designed to help talent sourcers develop their knowledge of sourcing trends and technology.

Of particular delight, three of our sourcing specialists — including the reigning SourceCon GrandMaster — will be participating in SourceCon Europe this May.

Discover why they’re looking forward to this celebration of sourcing.


Who will be representing Hudson RPO at SourceCon?

Hudson RPO will be sending a team of sourcing specialists to help lead sessions and provide event support. The team includes one of our talent acquisition and sourcing consultants, Iker Jusue.

A familiar face in the SourceCon community, Iker recently won the SourceCon GrandMaster title.

Iker will be joined by Jessie Caudron and Amandine Picard, both multilingual recruitment specialists. Jessie and Amandine are native French speakers who regularly support training and development within Hudson RPO.


What are you looking forward to about the event?

Jessie Caudron will represent Hudson RPO at SourceCon.

Jessie Caudron will be at SourceCon.

Jessie and Amandine will be participating in SourceCon as event helpers. They’ve both worked at Hudson RPO in a variety of talent acquisition roles.

Jessie is currently a pharma recruiter and talent sourcer for Ipsen. She helps produce the internal Hudson RPO newsletter, including event coverage from SourceCon.

Jessie said: “I’m looking forward to meeting sourcing specialists from across Europe. I’m already inspired by what I read from the SourceCon community, and am keen to share sourcing knowledge in person.”

Facebook_Amandine Picard

Amandine Picard is also attending SourceCon.

Amandine has been a talent sourcer both within the UK and in Belgium. She currently sources talent for Toyota.

Amandine said: “Sourcing is always evolving, and a very competitive field to be involved in. There are constantly new methods and technologies worth exploring. These promise to be key topics at SourceCon.”

She added: “Following the event, it will be fantastic to showcase what we have learned to benefit the wider team.”


What is your role at SourceCon?

Iker Jursue_SourceCon GrandMaster

Iker will be presenting on “the importance of combining regional languages, amongst others, when sourcing in Europe.”

Iker encourages sourcers of all language capabilities to attend, saying: “You don’t need to be fluent in the language of your target market to do this!”

Attendees will learn about helpful sourcing tools. They’ll also discover “the best ways to verify that we are using the right keywords,” Iker says.

He’ll also reveal what you’re missing out on when you don’t use the right sourcing techniques.

Iker’s session is on the 22nd of May, from 3.30-4pm, in the Hilton Amsterdam ballroom.

The session is suitable for:

  • junior and senior sourcers
  • recruiters who actively source
  • team leaders who want to improve top of the funnel identification in the talent pipeline

Will you be at SourceCon Europe? Don’t miss the chance to discover the power of sourcing with multiple languages. Iker’s session will reveal how you can do this without even being a native speaker. It’s on the 22nd of May, from 3.30-4pm, in the Hilton Amsterdam ballroom.

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