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Recruitment and Selection Solution in Asia

Hudson RPO Hits the Ground Running for US Client New to Asia Market

When the RPO provider of Unisys failed to produce results for the company’s fledgling Asia operations, the Hudson RPO team was given the chance to prove it could do better at recruitment and selection.


One challenge the IT company faced was that the company is not well known in Asia, while other challenges included a shortage of suitable talent, the very specific technical and language skills required for certain roles, and the high salary expectations of qualified candidates.


Hudson RPO began implementation of an end-to-end RPO solution for the company in early March 2014 in North Asia (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and Southeast Asia (Singapore). Within the first few weeks of the implementation, Hudson RPO filled three positions in China.

The recruitment team now averages 14 placements per month (in North and Southeast Asia combined) for positions ranging from customer service representatives to highly skilled senior technical workers. Complaints from hiring managers, which had been numerous before Hudson came on board, have stopped completely.

Recruitment for the China market has primarily been direct through cold calls, China-specific job boards, social media, employee referrals as well as paid and unpaid advertising – all without the use and associated cost of outside agencies. Positions filled in Singapore relied solely on direct sourcing as well. Senior roles in both North and Southeast Asia have been sourced mostly via LinkedIn.

While direct recruitment has generally worked well in China and Singapore, Hudson RPO has had to get creative in its sourcing channels for the more difficult-to-fill roles, including those that require candidates to speak three languages fluently.

Hudson RPO also is working to increase the interviewing skills of approximately 80 hiring managers in China by running a training session for them later this year.

To build the client’s brand among available talent, the Hudson RPO team has created profiles for the company on Google+, Twitter and Facebook that stress its Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which Hudson RPO helped the company create.

Given the success of Hudson RPO’s work in North and Southeast Asia, at the end of June, the remit was expanded to Hudson RPO in Australia. Of the 14 positions open at the time of implementation in that country, four are at the offer stage, references are being checked for another four, and six more are interviewing with the hiring managers.


  • The former RPO provider filled less than 120 positions in 2013, while Hudson RPO filled a grand total of approximately 50 positions in Q2 2014 alone.
  • In North Asia, of the 61 positions opened in Q2 2014, 46 have been filled.
  • Of the 42 “Aged Reqs” in North Asia prior to the Hudson RPO implementation, 37 have been filled in Q2 2014 alone.  
  • Overall, turnaround time and time-to-fill rates have decreased by an average of 40 percent since Hudson RPO came onboard.
Asia Recruitment Project Summary


Project Location:
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

End-to-end RPO solution

Project Summary:

  • Company was not well known in Asia
  • Team averages 14 placements per month
  • Turnaround time and time-to-fill rates have decreased by an average of 40 percent since Hudson RPO came onboard.
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