Elevating Talent Acquisition: Insights from our VP of Sales on maximizing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions

Peter Simandl

There are numerous benefits that come with RPO solutions; from accessing niche skill sets to optimizing the recruitment process for efficiencies and cost savings. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Peter Simandl, VP of RPO Sales in the Americas, about the fundamental ways our solutions elevate the performance of our clients’ talent acquisition function. 

Recruitment expertise

According to Peter, talent is at the core of RPO, and our clients experience a significant shift in accessing talent and specialized skill sets. “RPO providers possess the expertise and resources to tap into undiscovered niche talent pools. However, the impact of RPO goes beyond talent acquisition; it encompasses a complete optimization of the recruitment process. RPO providers establish a partnership and address unique talent challenges by conducting a comprehensive analysis of existing recruitment procedures and enabling technology, ultimately identifying, and streamlining any bottlenecks,” explains Peter.

The result is a recruitment process that offers a powerful combination of niche skill acquisition and recruitment optimization. This synergy creates a talent acquisition powerhouse, eliminating the need for organizations to invest excessive resources into cumbersome and inefficient hiring procedures. With RPO, clients can adopt a streamlined approach to attract top-tier talent while staying focused on their core business. 

Cost-effective strategies

Peter also highlights the cost-saving power of RPO. He explains, “Talent acquisition involves numerous costly elements, such as internal team members and subject matter experts, third-party agencies, executive search fees, technology, recruitment marketing, employer branding, and operational costs. RPO often proves to be more cost-effective and sustainable compared to the alternatives.”

“Additionally, the scalability of RPO partnerships offers several advantages,” says Peter. “RPO isn’t just a binding contract; it’s a long-term strategic partnership that allows for flexible adjustments to accommodate changing hiring needs and uncertain economic conditions. This means that your costs (people, recruitment marketing, etc.,) are aligned with your hiring demands without the need for redundancies.”  

Access technology and data expertise

“RPO partners are well-versed in the realm of recruitment technology”, notes Peter. “They continually research and adopt cutting-edge solutions that they can expertly recommend, manage, and implement on your behalf. With minimal disruption to your business operations, your recruitment technology stack can be fully optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.”

“RPO partnerships also offer comprehensive reporting and in-depth analytics. These valuable insights allow you to measure improvements and compare your recruitment performance against the latest market trends and competitive benchmarks. By harnessing this knowledge, you can make informed decisions to consistently improve your recruitment strategy and stand out in front of top talent.”

These are just some of the ways an RPO partnership can transform your talent acquisition function. RPO partnerships are unique and tailored to your specific needs, developing, and evolving over time. If you’re ready to elevate your talent acquisition strategy and take your business performance to the next level, get in touch with our team of talent experts today. 

Peter Simandl

Vice President, Talent Acquisition Solutions

Peter joined Hudson RPO in 2023 as a key member of our North American team. For more than 20 years, Peter has worked with CHRO’s and Heads of Talent Acquisition building recruitment solutions that deliver agility, scalability, and business results from exploratory stage to fully functional. If you are interested in exploring what’s possible, please contact me!

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