How LV= moved to virtual recruiting during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to accelerate digital transformation programmes. For our client LV=, this also included their recruitment process.

How do you create a great experience for candidates and ensure you hire the right people when working remotely? Hear from our client Kevin Hough, Head of People Performance at LV=, about the changes they made to their hiring process in his interview with Future Talent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to accelerate digital transformation programmes. For LV=, this also included their recruitment process. “There did come a point when we needed to think about moving things forward and move our recruitment virtual. This was a really interesting challenge, both for our recruitment team and our hierarchy of managers.”

Pre-pandemic, LV= had used video interviews to recruit in its customer service division but kept all other recruitment face-to-face. As the recruitment team went remote, LV= switched to live video interviewing, which meant adapting interview techniques and questioning to allow candidates to showcase their best qualities. “We felt that having more than one person on the interview could be a bit overwhelming. We wanted them to be conversations where people connect and learn more about us as an organisation, rather than 20 questions and it ends. Many employers forget that it’s not just you interviewing the candidate, it’s also the candidate interviewing you to see if they’d like to work for you,” says Hough.

Once hired, candidates moved to a virtual onboarding process which was geared towards making individuals feel ready to start working, as well as connecting with them on a personal level. And while Hough accepts that remote working makes it more difficult to connect with new employees, the organisation has thought hard about how it can build relationships across the organisation.

“One thing we’ve done is to introduce coffee chats. You enter your details into a system, and it randomly matches you with someone across the business – regardless of level or department – who you have a 30-minute chat with. It increases your knowledge and network across the business and keeps our people connected. We encourage new starters to use it, but it’s available to everybody, and we’ve had really high take-up,” says Hough. LV= also partnered with mental health charity Mind to help line managers with training and has implemented shorter catch up-s around priorities, wellbeing, or successes.

“This helps us to be there for each other, to stay in touch and to make sure we’re doing the right things. People are all individuals – we’re all in the same ocean, but everyone’s in a different boat. We all experience things differently, so you need to listen to people and tailor solutions accordingly,” he smiles.

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