Discover the value of RPO and total talent: Sharp’s story

Hudson RPO client SharpAs an experienced HR Director for Sharp, Justin Hooper fully understands the challenges of competing for talent while creating efficiencies.

But it is possible. In this video, Justin reveals how Sharp achieves these outcomes and more.

Whether you need to respond to hiring volumes in flux, or are exploring how to improve talent processes, hear from Justin why recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is worth considering.

In this video, you’ll discover how RPO:

  • Lifts the bar on talent (00:12)
  • Fits into the business culture (01:15)
  • Improves talent processes (01:46)

You’ll also get advice on:

  • Considering RPO (02:56)
  • Dealing with RPO implementation concerns (03:19)
  • Building an RPO business case (04:24)
  • Selecting an RPO partner (05:03)


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