The role of a modern sourcer in uncovering exceptional candidates and market intel: HRD masterclass

Your talent acquisition strategy: the role of a modern Sourcer in uncovering exceptional candidates and market intelligence

The current landscape is fuelling a significant movement of key talent across borders. Is your organisation poised to continue accessing this top talent?

With the benefit of multilingual recruitment and sourcing technology, it can be.

Multilingual sourcers excel at localised searches and other native language tasks that identify leading talent, regardless of location.

Tremendous advantages emerge when you pair fluent language ability with tech-driven talent sourcing.

Discover these benefits as we reveal an organisational structure designed to deliver maximum business value from your sourcers and recruiters — value that can help your business capitalise on strategic opportunities while weathering market uncertainties.

You’ll learn how the skilled services of talent sourcers add deep business value to your talent pipeline, from the top of the funnel on down.

Justin Somerville-Cotton will facilitate the HRD Summit masterclass on re-imagining your talent acquisition strategy.

This masterclass will also reveal the importance around training your sourcers on which tools can help uncover the most niche, hard-to-access candidates in the market.

During the class, we’ll guide you in building a talent acquisition strategy that exploits the deeper business advantages of talent sourcing.

Justin Somerville-Cotton, who will chair the Talent Acquisition stream, said: “We’re always delighted to support organisational leaders in designing strong talent structures.

“There’s an extraordinary amount of business value to be gained from tapping into the unique market insights of talent sourcers. With that in mind, we look forward to welcoming everyone to our HRD masterclass, and exploring the topic more deeply.”

Join us on Tuesday, 4th of February, at 3.15pm, for this exciting masterclass on the role of a modern sourcer in uncovering exceptional candidates and market intel.

Throughout the summit, visit us at Stand No. 87 for live sourcing demos and chat with one of our multilingual talent sourcers. We look forward to meeting with you!

Roll on up for a 15-minute live sourcing demo on:

  • Day 1: 11.30, 13.05, and 16.45
  • Day 2: 10.50 and 13.05

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