Reference Checking Technology Solution Saves Over 3,500 Hours Annually

Reference checking remains a critical element of our recruitment process across most of our teams and still brings value to the recruitment process. It allows a recruiter to capture and validate information about an applicant concerning the selection criteria. It also helps the recruiter better understand a candidate’s strengths and limitations to ensure they are well supported to be their best selves when they are onboarded.

However, the length of time it took our recruiters to complete a reference check meant they had less time to spend on vital recruitment tasks that need a ‘human touch’. It also meant less time to devote to elevating the candidate and hiring manager experience, which is a top priority for our onsite recruitment teams.

In 2014, after an extensive evaluation of vendors, we engaged Xref as our trusted partner for our online reference checking tool across our solutions.

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Since introducing Xref, our reference checking process is simpler, consistent, more user-friendly and fully automated. As a result, our teams have gained better insights into their candidates and enjoy a more efficient process while our clients benefit from reduced time to hire, improved reporting and data insights. In addition, it has given our recruiters time back into their day to focus on the things that matter most – delivering great experiences.

Our Technology & Innovation Director, Stephen Fitzgerald, says, “as an early adopter of this technology, it has led to reduced time to fill and enabled our recruiters to spend more than 3,500 extra hours each year with candidates and hiring managers”.

Click on the infographic to find out more about how reference checking technology has benefitted our teams and to see more great outcomes from our successful partnership.

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