Talent and RPO trends in 2020: watch Shortlist’s video interview

Hudson RPO APAC CEO Kimberley Hubble

APAC CEO Kimberley Hubble spoke with Shortlist about talent trends in 2020.

What can we expect of the talent world in 2020?

Asia-Pacific CEO Kimberley Hubble recently spoke with Shortlist, one of the region’s leading talent publications.

During the interview, Kimberley talked about transforming the candidate and hiring manager experience. She also spoke about taking customer-centricity to the next level, by fully customising a range of talent solutions as customer needs change.

Watch this clip to learn more about these trends and more.

Kimberley also spoke with Shortlist about what to expect for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and the talent industry in 2020. For example, putting great technology into the hands of great people “should equal a really good outcome for the customer,” Kimberley said.

She also highlighted the value of taking deliberate steps towards “measuring and driving quality of hire.”

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Want to hear more of Kimberley’s interview with Shortlist? Click here to access the full interview.

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