Nailed it! Five tips that help lead RPO implementations to success

RPO implementation team

An experienced RPO implementation team can help ensure a successful project launch.

Implementing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) on a global or multi-regional scale can be mega-complicated.

But with the right approach, it can also be wildly successful.

You’ll likely encounter legal, cultural, operational, and commercial variations. To smooth the process, think glocally. By combining a global mindset with local awareness and sensitivity, consistent and custom service can be delivered.

RPO implementation

Flexibility within framework can help ensure smooth RPO implementation.

A single project management methodology and framework can also help align regional processes and establish standards.

An implementation toolkit and a phased implementation approach — one which draws on prior learnings — can help drive best practice. We call this flexibility within framework.

This approach does mean a heavier reliance on the necessary resources to achieve local engagement and global process alignment. But it pays off.

Discover five tips for RPO implementation success.


Top 5 tips for your global RPO implementation project

RPO implementation discussion

People must be your No. 1 priority as you begin an RPO implementation project.

  1. People must be your No. 1 priority. From selecting your project team, to identifying who will provide ongoing service delivery, great people will help unify your team. Selecting the right-fit team will help ensure cultural alignment, commitment,  capability, and collaboration.
  2. Governance creates clarity. This defines the what, whom, when, where, and how. Who is responsible for what activities? In what time frame?
  3. Contracts take time. You need to account for different legal jurisdictions. You should also factor in for the different legal expertise and styles of people involved. This may include non-legal staff, in house council, or external legal advisers.
  4. Trust is earned. It can sometimes be difficult for trust to be given in an implementation where there is often no track record, nor an existing relationship. Quickly forming a joint project team, and mastering early-stage implementation on the first attempt, can help you build track records and earn trust.
  5. Strong communication and change management skills drive implementation. Global projects sometimes require you to do things in person. Take these opportunities to begin nurturing solid relationships.


RPO implementation leaders on the Baker’s Dozen list

No. 1 for RPO Implementation on the Baker's Dozen listingsAs of 2019, we rank No. 1 for RPO implementation in the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings. The ratings reveal that 100% of our clients describe our RPO implementations as on time, on budget, and acceptable in terms of disruption to the business.

When it comes to successful RPO, a great start is the only start.

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