RPO project helps launch major retailer into new market

retail RPO project

Supported by an RPO project, a major retailer has launched into a new market.

We recently helped a major European retailer launch their first store in Central and Eastern Europe.

The retailer’s arrival created 200 new jobs in Slovenia. We helped fill these via a hugely successful RPO project.

The hiring project worked so well that the retailer is now partnering with us to support more store openings in emerging markets, including one in Poland.


Succeeding with RPO projects in a retail environment

RPO projects of this nature are designed to provide a turbocharged engine for urgent hiring. RPO can support hiring projects that need to happen at speed and with impact, particularly when launching into a new market.

That’s exactly what the client required, and what they received, within a compressed time frame.

Despite the client lacking an established presence in Slovenia, we partnered to initially hire a team of managerial staff. We then supported them in hiring general staff.

Elizabeth Williams, Hudson RPO

Elizabeth Williams led the team in delivering a key retail-based RPO project.

Over three months, nearly 150 retail assistants were hired.

We also recruited:

  • 134 students in two months
  • 10 managers in two months
  • 13 supervisors in one month

In addition to deploying four specialist recruiters in Slovenia, the team accelerated its growth with remote talent sourcing support from the Centre of Excellence, based in Edinburgh.

Our multilingual recruitment expertise, including Slovenian and other regional languages, allowed us to quickly fill key retail and head office roles.

Elizabeth Williams, Hudson RPO Operations Director, said: “We’re delighted to successfully implement and deliver this project. This is a terrific win for both the client and Hudson RPO. We’re thrilled to have helped ensure a successful launch into this major new market.”

Congratulations to everyone who delivered on this fantastic success story, including all of our project RPO specialists, and the terrific retail leaders who have worked closely with us in this partnership.

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