SourceCon GrandMaster winner: Iker Jusué sources global success

Iker Jursue_SourceCon GrandMaster

GrandMaster: Iker Jusué wins at SourceCon.

Congratulations to Iker Jusué, who has just been announced as the 2019 SourceCon GrandMaster winner!

Most impressively, Iker is also the first non-native English speaker to win this global sourcing award. In talent circles, the competition is highly regarded as the sourcing Olympics (or Oscars, if you prefer theatrics over athletics!).

Iker is one of our highly rated talent acquisition and sourcing consultants. With multilingual resourcing experience — including in Spanish, French, and English — Iker provides valued expertise to our Sourcing Centre of Excellence.

He recently participated in SourceCon’s GrandMaster Challenge, an annual sourcing competition, where he came away a global sourcing winner.

Over the course of the year, the GrandMaster competition challenges the best talent sourcing specialists from around the globe. It features hundreds of sourcing pros competing in a timed sourcing challenge.

The heat may have been on, but when it comes to unearthing niche talent under pressure, Iker knows how to keep it cool.

Discover, in Iker’s own words, what it means to win the coveted global award of SourceCon GrandMaster. Just as inspirational, learn why Iker is a passionate believer in sharing knowledge throughout the sourcing community.


SourceCon GrandMaster: Iker’s story

My career had ups and downs… However, I never imagined that Batman (yes, a genuine superhero!) would announce to a crowd in Seattle that I was the SourceCon 2019 Grandmaster champion.

When the announcement came out, I was actually on a business trip more than 8,000 km away from Seattle. As I processed the news, I was filled with surprise, excitement, and happiness!

Long before winning the competition, I became very passionate about SourceCon, and the role it plays in bringing the sourcing community together.

Let me tell you how I’ve gotten to know more about the sourcing community, and sourcing as an industry, thanks to SourceCon.

I first came across SourceCon in 2016. Since then, I became increasingly interested in sharing talent-sourcing knowledge with people from different backgrounds, and across borders.

In particular, I’m passionate about exchanging talent sourcing knowledge with peers in North America as well as EMEA. At events and over social media, I enjoy cultivating a deeper knowledge of sourcing trends and practices. These insights help close the talent knowledge gap on both sides of the pond.

In 2017, I decided that I wanted to participate in the SourceCon challenge. The next year, I finished as the second runner-up. The experience was great; the connections I formed helped fuel my passion for sourcing.

Today, I’m very proud to be the first non-native English speaker, the first Spaniard, and the second European to win SoureCon. It’s an amazing source of pride, and a privilege to help impart best practice throughout the global sourcing community.



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Congratulations to Iker on his amazing achievement! We’re all incredibly proud to have him supporting our talent team.

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