SOSUEU heats up with Hudson RPO talent sourcers attending

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Sourcing Summit Europe (SOSUEU) showcases the latest thinking in talent sourcing. We’re incredibly delighted to announce that three of our multilingual talent sourcers will be attending.

The team representing Hudson RPO includes Jessie Caudron and Marjorie Gaume, who source French- and English-speaking candidates.

Jessie specialises in pharma recruitment, while Marjorie supports the Toyota account.

Three workers at SOSUEU meeting
SOSUEU: Marjorie Gaume, Aniq Butt, and Jessie Caudron will represent Hudson RPO

Also representing Hudson RPO is Aniq Butt, who can source talent in English, French, and Urdu.

Taking place in October, SOSUEU is one of the industry’s biggest events for talent sourcers.

In the run up to the event, Jessie, Marjorie, and Aniq, have participated in a virtual SOSUEU sourcing competition. For several weeks, they have vied with talent sourcers from around the world to complete a variety of complex sourcing challenges. The race has proven tight, and it will be exciting to see who wins.

Regardless, it’s proven good practice for our skilled and dedicated talent sourcers, who share their thoughts on participating in the challenge and the wider experience of SOSUEU below.

Which presentations are you most excited about?

Aniq: I’m excited to hear the SOSUEU presentations on ‘sourcing blue-collar workers’ and ‘using psychology to improve sourcing power’.

Marjorie: ‘Finding talent in unexpected places’ will be interesting, as the sourcing world is always evolving. It’s important to adapt and to always find new way to find candidates.

Jessie: Every year, Irina Shamaeva shares her best hacks of the year at SOSUEU. Last year, her presentation was mind-blowing, so I’m really looking forward to see what she’s prepared this time! The OSINT case study with the Netherlands’ police sounds very interesting as well.

Is there a particular sourcer you hope to meet?

Aniq: Florian Bonnet! He’s a popular Hudson RPO talent sourcing alum.

Marjorie: There are so many well-known sourcers present at this event. It’s difficult to name just one!

If pressed, I would say Laura Gonzalez as she has previously worked at Hudson RPO, and it’s quite inspiring to see that you can become a reference in this industry.

Jessie: As Marjorie says, there are so many good sourcers who will be present! It will be really good to be surrounded by the top sourcers in the world.

I’m looking forward to meeting Morgane Dalbergue. I follow her on Twitter and absolutely love her candidate-centric philosophy!

Tell us about participating in the sourcing challenge.

Aniq: It’s great, I wouldn’t change a thing about this. I might book a few days off to do this next year. You end up spending hours doing this.

Marjorie: This is a really interesting competition. The questions are really diverse. Some are easier than others.

But, as there were several of us within the team taking part, that made the competition more interesting.

We were trying to compete with our own colleagues. In the end, my two main goals were of course to win a free ticket, but also to try to beat my colleagues.


Jessie: I absolutely love that challenge! It’s a great way to learn and practice tricks that you wouldn’t really use every day.

Plus, it’s a good team-bonding experience as the first thing that we did every morning at work was discuss the latest question and how tricky it was! It’s also nice to see that even our Centre of Excellence (CoE) director is competitive and willing to give it a try.

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