At HRD and beyond, in pursuit of the ‘conscious organization’

February 4, 2019

The concept of a ‘conscious organization’ captures the imaginations of top HR leaders near and far. Most recently, it featured as the key theme of HRD Summit 2019.

For those of us in the talent world, what does it mean to be part of a ‘conscious organization’?

Here’s what it means for us at Hudson RPO.

The conscious organization

booth at HRD Summit 2019
What does a ‘conscious organization’ look like to you? Grab a seat in the talent corner as we share thoughts at the HRD Summit.

If we look at this subject in terms of a list of principles guiding our business at Hudson RPO, the message focuses on five key objectives:

  • Empower performance through learning and team building
  • Encourage autonomy and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Support professional growth and develop leaders
  • Appreciate and uplift
  • Nurture the innovation and creativity that produces result

These five statements guide our corporate culture, which seeks to provide opportunities for excellence in everyone’s career.

The principles contribute to our overreaching objective to present our employees with an opportunity to lead exceptional careers. If we succeed in this endeavour, then our customers and even the wider reaches of our industry can reap the associated rewards.

Those principles help guide new joiners (and indeed, prospective applicants) in terms of what you can expect from a career at Hudson RPO. They remind each of us of what we’re here to do, day in and day out.

They also help ensure the long-term vitality of our organization. If we’re not thinking with the mindset of nimble entrepreneurs, celebrating the milestones which mark our journey, and creating unmissable opportunities for personal and professional advancement, then we’ll never understand the hunger that drives sustainable growth for both early-stage businesses, as well as established enterprises. They live and breathe by these moments. So must we.

The HRD Summit 2019 affords us an opportunity to dig into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to power a conscious organization. But at a macro level, when you’re developing an organizational culture and unifying a team, it’s useful to identify your hero messages, and to then focus on defining the ethical and practical strategies that will drive those objectives to measurable success. It’s certainly working for us.

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