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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 89.1% of U.S. families have at least one full-time employed parent. Today, on National Working Parents Day, we want to spotlight all our hard-working U.S. parents and caregivers at Hudson RPO. As they manage and excel in their roles both in and outside the workplace, we asked them how Hudson RPO supports them with balancing family and career.

Working in a way that works for you.

Lisa Walker supports our Virginia-based client as a Talent Acquisition & H.R. Partner. She shares: “Hudson RPO makes it possible for working parents to truly experience work-life balance!” Flexibility is a key benefit at Hudson RPO and our people are supported to work in ways that help them succeed.  Molly Champagne, Senior Recruiter in Texas, enjoys the special moments this allows her to spend with her family. “Working for Hudson RPO allows us to take our Golden Doodle on the car ride for morning drop-offs, and he makes the kids and teachers smile. My child and the furry child spend quality time together in the back seat on the way to school, which is something we all look forward to. This experience for everyone would not be possible if I had to commute into an office daily.”

Flexibility goes beyond choosing where you work; it is also about when. Our flexible working schedule allows for flexibility in start and end times while allowing for collaboration and connection during our core hours in the middle of the day, flextime as we like to call it. In addition, flextime helps all our employees adjust their daily schedules to suit their lifestyles. Timothy Gibson, our skilled Talent Acquisition specialist in Florida, feels that Hudson RPO understands that some things cannot wait. “Hudson RPO understands that some things for your family cannot wait until after 5pm during the week. I’m extremely grateful this company cares about me as a person, and being a parent is most important to who I am.”  

"3 Kids, 3 Different Schools. Hudson RPO allows me to flex my schedule where needed to attend family events while continuing my professional development." - Erica in Solution Design & Internal Careers Manager

Development opportunities

At Hudson RPO, we are all about opportunities. We love to support you as you grow your skills and experiences while developing personally and professionally. It comes naturally when your business is about talent! Jessica Shelton, our Internal Recruiter, based in Tampa and a single Mom of four, shares: “As a single parent of 4 growing boys, the flexibility and work-life balance that Hudson RPO offers has provided us with a healthy environment in a new season. I appreciate that I can put my family first without having to sacrifice opportunities to grow in my career.”

Development opportunities at Hudson RPO are available to employees at every level and include both offline and online formal training. For example, our e-learning platform in partnership with SocialTalent allows you to learn anytime, anywhere on your chosen learning path that aligns with your aspirations.

Jessica and family
"As a single parent of 4 growing boys, the flexibility and work-life balance that Hudson RPO offers has provided us with a healthy environment." - Jessica Shelton, Internal Recruiter

Bringing your most authentic self to work

Being in the business of people, we are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We believe that building a welcoming and inclusive culture is essential to our employees doing their best work and what we can achieve together as an organization. Kasey (in the picture at the top of this page), our Canada-based Director of Client Delivery, puts it best: “Working for Hudson RPO allows me to balance my life as a Manager and a Mom. I never miss my son’s hockey or baseball games. In turn, they benefit from all the qualities being a Mom has allowed me to develop.”

We encourage an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued, and you can bring your whole self to work. Jennifer, our Implementation Manager shares: As a working parent, I am thankful to work at Hudson RPO. Everyone supports each other and jumps in to help whenever needed. You can see that family is a priority, which is a great feeling with a little boy at home!

"I think every working Mom at some point fears they are putting their children second place to work. Hudson RPO offers a culture that embraces a work-life balance that encourages putting family as a priority. The struggle and juggle of working parents is real but highly appreciated as an employee of Hudson RPO.” - Liz Borchers, Account Manager

Are you looking for a career with balance and flexibility? Find out more about life at Hudson RPO or explore our open positions.

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