Working flexibly, bringing families together

Margot Moore

A unique career

Eugene joined Hudson RPO in Data & Analytics having little knowledge of how RPO’s work. Eugene took on the challenge because he was drawn to the unique work environment offered by Hudson RPO, but soon found that his life was about to change in more ways than simply a new career path.

‘Joining Hudson RPO was something new. I’m a numbers guy and wanted to get a different perspective of data, in this role, I got a new lens when it came to data, customers and clients,’ he says.

A life changing moment

And while the new challenge was a key driver for Eugene, with global clients also a huge draw card, what has really made his experience at Hudson RPO truly unique isn’t his day-to-day responsibilities.

‘The culture is great. In other organisations, I’m always reminded of the levels and hierarchy, but at Hudson RPO, the culture means you are comfortable dealing with colleagues at all levels. Leaders are very approachable and dependable,’ Eugene explains.

But what has profoundly impacted Eugene has been the flexibility at Hudson RPO, allowing him to move away from metro Manila and back to his home province to be with his family full time.

‘For a decade, I only got to see my daughter once a month or 12 times per year. The work from home setup is amazing for me, it’s the most rewarding thing that has happened,’ Eugene says.

Family above all

Hudson RPO is proud of its culture of flexibility and is something that all employees are encouraged to explore to fit their personal and unique circumstances. And that was no different for Eugene.

‘Being able to work and live so that I can spend quality time with my family is very rewarding, very fulfilling. After 10 years, we’re a physical family now, we can do things together and spend time doing all the normal things like watching movies and playing – I don’t have to worry about how they’re doing because now, I am able to see it every day,’ Eugene explains.

Birthday party
‘Being able to work and live so that I can spend quality time with my family is very rewarding, very fulfilling.’

Thriving team spirit

And whilst Eugene works remotely, there is certainly no lack of camaraderie and collaboration with his Manila and global teammates.

‘We still get to know each other. We have a virtual office, our Zoom is on all day so we can see everything, ask questions and update each other. We have team events, celebrate cultural days and my favourite activity – fortnightly bingo. I look forward to it, it helps us unwind from our busy schedule,’ he says.

Despite joining Hudson RPO during a pandemic, Eugene has built great relationships with his colleagues whilst being given the ability to fit his work into his family life.

‘You can really feel that Hudson RPO is about its people – both internally and externally. There is a level of respect given, even if they don’t know much about you. You’ll feel the transparency and the care. I’m really thankful, and I am really enjoying my role,’ says Eugene.

Margot Moore

Global Brand Manager

Margot has worked across recruitment, employer branding and marketing for over 10 years. In her current role, Margot is responsible for the Hudson RPO brand and works closely with the global marketing team to ensure the consistency and quality of our brand.

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