Why Anita loves flexible working so much at Hudson RPO

Kathi May

Anita returned to Hudson RPO after a gap of several years.  During that time, she started a family, studied, and worked full time for various companies in Melbourne. Anita says that it’s the leadership and culture of trust and flexibility that brought her back.

“Coming back to Hudson RPO was a no brainer – it’s the exceptional leadership and the ability of the business to provide a flexible work environment for all employees that works with where I’m at in my life.”

Anita re-joined Hudson RPO as a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner with our on-site solution at Tabcorp and has enjoyed the experience of learning a new skillset within the Technology sector.

To Anita, the flexible nature of the Hudson RPO culture, means that managing her day in a way that works for her is critical to her success as a parent but also as an employee. ‘I get up early and do a couple of hours of work, followed by some exercise then help my kids with their schoolwork during virtual learning. My days are not driven by my watch. If I want to take the dog for a walk at 11am, I will. I just make sure that I get my work done whilst juggling the demands of a busy household.

Anita and Harper
Anita with daughter Harper

“It’s so important to me to be able to attend my kid’s school activities such as cross country or art shows. I have not been able to do that in previous organisations. So, for me, flexibility and trust are critical,” says Anita.

In addition to juggling a busy household with three young kids, Anita’s eldest daughter, Harper, has just completed filming of a Paramount + television series which required daily commitment for 8 weeks – adding another level of complexity to Anita’s daily routine.

“I was slightly nervous when we found out that Harper was successful in the role as I was also offered this job at the same time. I had an open and honest conversation with my manager who was so supportive and did not want Harper to miss out on such a great opportunity. I won’t forget the feeling of gratitude that I felt following that conversation.”

“You can’t put a price on this level of trust,” says Anita. Between life, work and spending time on set in Harper’s trailer each day, she has been able to make it work, thanks to the flexibility and trust of her team and manager.

Harper on set
Harper on set

Aside from trust and flexibility, Anita was also drawn back to Hudson RPO because of the nature of the work itself.

“Working for Hudson RPO is the perfect blended role. You’re really able to partner with your client, but you also get the opportunity to work on different projects so you’re always learning new skills and collaborating with team members from all over Asia Pacific,” she says.

For Anita, another big draw card for returning to Hudson RPO, was the unique environment that our organisation offers our people.

“I’ve loved the opportunity to be able to work with different client solutions, to share ideas and celebrate success with like-minded people – the collaboration is great. That’s certainly something that drives me and gets me out of bed each day,” she explains.

Flexibility is at the core of our business and our people are supported to work in a way that helps them succeed. For Anita, it’s about balancing her work and family. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but if you are looking for flexibility and a place to thrive, then click here to read more about life at Hudson RPO, or to check out our current opportunities, click here.

Kathi May Headshot

Kathi May

Regional Director, Marketing & Employer Branding

Kathi leads Marketing and Employer Branding in APAC and is passionate about helping Hudson RPO clients attract, engage and retain top talent through innovative employer branding initiatives.  She works closely with the Client Solutions team to develop meaningful marketing strategies that promote the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing in delivering cost reductions, reduced time to hire and significant improvements in quality of talent, staff retention and recruitment service levels.

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