What to look for in an RPO provider

Crystelle Reyes

Once you have decided that a recruitment process outsourcing solution is the right way forward for your business, it is time to select an RPO provider. But how to select the RPO that is right for you? We have listed some key considerations for you below.

How does the RPO operate?

Firstly, RPOs can specialise in particular industries, skill-levels and regions. An RPO with multiple clients, or long working relationships in a particular industry, will have an excellent understanding of the marketplace, its challenges, and the competitive landscape for talent. Often, these types of RPOs will be able to present examples and case studies of best practices in your industry.

Secondly, RPOs can vary in size; some RPOs are associated with larger recruitment consultancy businesses and others operate independently. Both options bring their own advantages, for example in their market intelligence, cost savings, and client portfolios. The right RPO for you is one that cares about your business and is able to reflect your individual requirements and culture in their service. An RPO with a clear understanding of their business strategy and unique differentiators will be transparent about if and how they can help you. Staff retention, the ability to mobilise at the required pace, and implement the solution with minimal disruption to day-to-day business are all important factors to consider.

What has the RPO achieved?

RPOs who have shown the ability to nurture partnerships over the longer term, generally do so because they can show operational excellence, outstanding relationship management, and a drive for continuous improvement and innovation.

RPO companies who have achieved relevant results and long-term partnerships will be able to reference to best practice examples and case studies of their clients and previous projects. RPOs with strong partnerships in place will be happy to introduce potential new clients to their existing ones, and encourage support and collaboration between clients and their wider network.

If you think an audit or review of your recruitment technology could be a relevant part of your RPO solution, talk to your potential RPO partner about how they have previously supported and implemented the set up of new tools and technologies for their clients, and how they train their recruiters in this area.

What do you hope to achieve in your partnership with an RPO?

If you are looking for a bespoke solution that you can scale to your hiring needs and circumstances, it is important to look for an RPO that has the ability to think outside the box and create something they have not previously. According to Darren Lancaster, our CEO of EMEA & Americas, the strength of an RPO is in the pick-and-mix approach to talent acquisition, building a solution by choosing the value-adding elements that you need.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) should be agreed individually with each client to reflect the bespoke solution, rather than part of a one-size-fits-all approach to implementation and service delivery. Another consideration when choosing an RPO partner is whether the RPO has the ability to serve you on a global or region-specific level. For example, can an RPO offer the language capabilities and local market knowledge you need by providing onsite or multilingual recruiters?

What would you like your relationship with an RPO to look like?

Trust between an RPO provider and your business is everything as you continue to work on improvements, and recruiters will be closely aligned to your business and internal teams. Your RPO provider will be responsible for the engagement of one of your company’s most important asset: its people. Therefore, it is important to make sure your values are aligned and to find an RPO that reflects a digital presence, team, and level of innovation that you would like to see in your own business. Be clear about what you are looking to achieve through an outsourced solution and be open to the additional benefits that an RPO could bring to your business.

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Crystelle Reyes

Global Content Lead

Crystelle is responsible for our global content activity. Having started in the industry as a talent sourcer in the Hudson RPO academy, she has first-hand experience in recruitment strategies. In her role she combines this experience with her background in marketing to write and coordinate relevant content across our three regions.

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