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In today’s job market, attracting top talent is more competitive than ever. To stand out from the crowd, companies and recruiters need find engaging ways to showcase their employer brand and company culture. Video content has been a key tool in talent attraction strategies for some time, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to create videos that stand out. Our team of talent experts share how they have harnessed the power of video to connect with top talent, and their advice for anyone looking at video as part of their talent attraction strategy.

The power of authenticity

Every employer wants to put their best foot forward, and videos for the purpose of talent attraction perform best when they paint an accurate picture of working at your company. A genuine portrayal of your company culture will resonate with the talent that is most likely to thrive within your teams.  Louise, Recruitment Lead EMEA, is the earliest adopter of video in our EMEA region. She has successfully used video to create content that provides candidates with unique employee perspectives of Hudson RPO as a workplace.

Louise Millar, Recruitment Lead for the EMEA region shares:

“Since we started using videos as a tool to attract more talent to our business, we have seen a real increase in interest in our job openings. What makes video so successful in a recruitment strategy is that it gives insight into a workplace before interview. It adds an element of familiarity, which greatly helps in setting us apart from other employers and improves the candidate experience at the same time. It can be scary to jump in front of a camera and put yourself out there, but it gets easier the more often you do it.”

Louise Millar, Recruitment Lead for the EMEA region shares:

Engage through creativity

In today’s digital landscape, holding someone’s attention for an extended period is a challenge. A lengthy video featuring employees sitting in a conference room is unlikely to capture your target audience’s interest. In addition to being authentic, videos in talent attraction strategies should be dynamic and engaging. Creativity can play a vital role in crafting a compelling video strategy that aligns with your company’s brand guidelines. This looks different for every organization, and whatever approach you take, the video should feel organic. Daniel has become an expert in using creativity in videos for talent attraction, like on Christmas Jumper Day in our EMEA office, as well as for job advertisements on LinkedIn.
Daniel Gilliland, Internal Recruiter

“There are many candidates out there that might not even realise they are interested in joining your company yet. Why would they read a long job description listing what it is they need to bring to a role? Showing them what’s on offer to them instead has proven an effective way to draw in talent at whatever stage of their job hunt they are. It’s so much easier to highlight what’s important in a 30-60 second video than in a list of bullet points,” says Daniel Gilliland, Internal Recruiter. “My tip would be to add variation to the videos you create. Christmas Jumper Day, role descriptions, or employees sharing their journey with the company, it casts your net wider.”

Amplify your message

Publishing a video to your careers page or YouTube channel is unlikely to engage talent who remain unfamiliar with your employer brand. To reach as many potential candidates as possible, distribute the video on a variety of channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On social media, you can increase your visibility and even target specific demographics and interests. Strategic promotion of your videos maximizes your videos impact. Molly Champagne, Internal Careers Senior Recruiter for the Americas region, has seen the impact of video on social media first-hand:

“Creating and posting these videos has helped me reach talent that I otherwise wouldn’t have connected with through job advertisements or traditional job postings. There is a lot of potential in video for recruitment strategies. I have used it to highlight the unique perspectives of my colleagues on Hudson RPO as a workplace but also to share recognition for my colleagues' achievements. Everyone has their own story to tell, and candidates might be looking for different things in an employer too. The more videos, the better we are able to share how we can match what they are looking for in their career. I would recommend not giving employees a script and asking them a question. Their authentic response is always best!”

Employer brand talent videos are a powerful tool for attracting top talent to your organization. By creating authentic and dynamic videos that showcase your company culture, you can engage potential candidates and set yourself apart from competitors. Being at the forefront of the recruitment industry, our talent experts know how to successfully implement video as part of your strategy. Do you want to talk more about innovative recruitment strategies? Click here to talk to one of our experts.

This article was originally published in 2018, and we have since updated it with the latest insights of our talent experts to share actionable and relevant talent advice. Original Article:


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