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If you ask Darren Lancaster where he believes the strongest areas of RPO growth will be, he’ll tell you: it’s not necessarily in taking the whole RPO service, but in picking and choosing value-add areas.

The pick-and-mix approach to talent acquisition could include pre-employment screening, an element of the workforce plan, or your employer value proposition (EVP), to name a few examples.

Darren unlocks the secret power of RPOs in a new SocialTalent webinar.

Whether you’re managing talent in a regulated, banking environment, for example, or operating in FMCG, which tends to foster a more progressive talent acquisition environment, talent outsourcing can enable your team to become more strategic business partners.

Darren Lancaster in Social Talent Webinar
Watch the talent acquisition webinar with Darren Lancaster on SocialTalent.

The webinar reveals how RPO can help guide your resource plan in terms of understanding and anticipating retention rates. It can also enable your team to become talent finders, ensuring your team is actively pipelining individuals, rather than just operating in a reactionary role.

Darren recommends your talent acquisition team be full of curiosity and integrity. They should also share a desire to discover new tools that can enhance recruitment processes.

He also discusses the value of a good applicant tracking system (ATS) to track a job, as well as a strong CRM system that can help monitor candidate experience.

Watch the webinar here.

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