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Meet Sam, our resident expert Talent Consultant who is shaping the exceptional in the pharmaceutical industry. With an impressive career trajectory, Sam has built experience in a variety of top-ten pharmaceutical organizations, including Novartis, GSK and Eli Lily. Driving recruitment outcomes at times of pivotal launches such as new therapeutics and businesses, Sam has built a deep specialist understanding of the industry. As an expert in creating top candidate experiences and seamless stakeholder management, he shares his wisdom and top tips for pharmaceutical industry recruitment.

Recruitment in the pharmaceutical industry

Many of the roles I work on require a strong understanding of the market and specific skill sets; for example the difference between Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. Others have extremely talent short markets, particularly in pre-clinical or medical work. Securing interest from a candidate while remaining compliant with the PMCPA* is key. I dedicate an extensive level of research before working with a hiring manager and advertising the role.”

*The Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority
In the realm of pharmaceutical recruitment, expertise and competition are unparalleled. Pharma recruiters like Sam play a vital role in securing top talent for life-saving innovation. Challenges include niche roles with limited talent pools, technical requirements, and the busy schedules of medical professionals. It takes a dedicated expert like Sam to navigate these challenges with extensive research, the ability to maintain compliance and confidentiality without losing engagement, and strong communication skills.

Sam’s three tips to excel in pharma recruiting:

  1. Maintain the human element:
    In an era of digital communication, it is vital to remember the value of genuine human interactions. Establishing a personal connection with candidates during the screening and interview stages can make all the difference. Sam’s expertise lies in conducting meaningful conversations, allowing candidates to feel valued and understood throughout the process.
  2. Move fast but accurately:
    Time is of the essence in the pharmaceutical industry, where challenging timelines are the norm. Sam emphasizes the importance of efficient communication with hiring managers and swift recruitment processes. Additionally, providing prompt and precise feedback is crucial to shaping the exceptional results that both clients and candidates seek.
  3. Develop career-long connections:
    Building enduring relationships is at the heart of Sam’s approach. By delivering exceptional candidate experiences, he ensures that candidates return for future opportunities. Some of the candidates he placed early in his career are now returning for the second or third time, illustrating the long-lasting impact of creating a positive recruitment journey.

Shaping the exceptional

Sam’s skills in pharma recruitment extend far beyond matching candidates with job openings. His commitment to meaningful conversations with candidates, executing swift yet accurate processes, and fostering career-long connections exemplifies his ability to consistently shape exceptional outcomes in the industry more broadly.

For organizations aiming to elevate their talent acquisition strategies, and for candidates seeking a rewarding recruitment experience, Sam’s invaluable insights and expertise can be truly transformative. If you’re ready to make a difference in your career or organization, reach out to our talent experts today.

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