Strategic recruitment: the value of your recruitment team

Kathi May

Are you getting maximum value from your recruitment services? Recruitment should function as more than a transactional supply centre, says Nicki McCulloch, Director of Client Solutions in APAC. Find out why below.

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The value of your recruitment team

It’s really interesting that most organisations don’t realise the strategic importance of their recruitment function in achieving their business objectives, until that function is well and truly broken!

Recruitment is often seen as a transactional supply centre, whereas in reality, it’s the main source of talent joining your business. Without that talent, your goals aren’t going to be achieved.

When we partner with clients, our recruitment teams have a seat at the strategic table so that they understand firsthand what objectives are being aimed for and what challenges may be experienced along the way.

Our recruitment team embed themselves into their clients’ businesses and truly understand what is required for the roles they are hiring for, both the short-term but also the long-term goals of that business. Are they finding and interviewing candidates for a specific role, or to help enable a deliberate shift the organisation is trying to make?

Understanding an organisation’s strategic vision is critical to be able to proactively source and engage the necessary talent to enable that vision to become a reality.

Kathi May Headshot

Kathi May

Regional Director, Marketing & Employer Branding

Kathi leads Marketing and Employer Branding in APAC and is passionate about helping Hudson RPO clients attract, engage and retain top talent through innovative employer branding initiatives.  She works closely with the Client Solutions team to develop meaningful marketing strategies that promote the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing in delivering cost reductions, reduced time to hire and significant improvements in quality of talent, staff retention and recruitment service levels.

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