Slam-dunk talent leadership: score with top tips from this NBA leader

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Without question, one of the most inspiring speakers of HRD Summit UK proved to be Eric Hutcherson, Chief Human Resources Officer for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Delivered with high energy, Eric’s presentation revealed how to create lasting cultural transformation.

If you missed this hugely popular session, fear not. Global digital marketing manager Patrice Burnside caught up with Eric to get his top tips for leading in the talent space. Enjoy the highlights below!

Great cultures build dream teams

As a seasoned HR leader, Eric has built his passion across a range of experiences, including founding a career development training program called Say Yes to Success. Eric also serves on the Senior Advisory Council for the National Association of African Americans in HR.

Discover Eric’s three anchor points for driving cultural transformation:

  1. Most important, leaders lead. If you’re going to change culture, leaders have to be in charge. Leaders have to lead.
  2. In organizations, employees need to be engaged. Not compliant, but committed. You’ve got to engage them, you’ve got to find the reasons why it’s good for them, and you’ve got to make sure that they’re committed to the change, and not just compliant to the change.
  3. Create an environment and a culture that is joyful. Give people a reason to want to be there… not just to be there because it’s work, because any place can be work. You want to be some place that you’re joyful, every day that you come to work, and you just can’t wait for the next challenge to come.

Eric advocates a values-based approach to shaping teams and career strategies. Watch the video below to benefit from more of Eric’s leadership advice, shared exclusively with Hudson RPO at HRD Summit UK!

With thanks to multilingual talent specialist Jessie Caudron for filming this clip.

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