Recruitment companies in China: report features Hudson RPO

April 23, 2019

Recruitment companies in China operate in a unique environment, with concerns about trade wars often hampering growth strategies.

But as Hudson RPO continues to demonstrate, growth within the Chinese recruitment market is achievable.

Over the last year, our recruitment operations have steadily expanded from our base in Shanghai. We’ve welcomed three new Chinese clients in the first quarter alone.

Behind the scenes, there are many more signs of growth within this region.

Shanghai China
Recruitment companies in China, including Hudson RPO, continue to grow. Our recruiters are based in Shanghai (pictured above), but serve the whole of China.

For example, our recruiters in China will soon be moving to a new office. The change has been driven by headcount growth of more than 50 percent.

Recruiter Magazine recently explored how Hudson RPO is navigating the Chinese talent market. The editors published these insights as part of a report on recruitment companies in China.

Brad Brenner, General Manager for China, told Recruiter: “China hiring remains strong, employers are posting large numbers of positions across a wide variety of industries and competition for employees remains high.”

The biggest opportunities within the Chinese market tend to focus on technology recruitment and health sciences recruitment, he said.

Manufacturing recruitment and hospitality recruitment are also driving growth, he added.

Brad Brennar
Brad Brenner, General Manager for China, says Chinese demand for talent remains strong, particularly in technology.

Demand for Chinese talent continues to be shaped by two factors: international trade and domestic requirements.

Addressing reports about lagging growth in China, Brad said: “Recent articles on an economic slowdown in China have to be taken in context. China’s statistics bureau has revised GDP growth down, but that is a 6.8% growth versus a 6.9% growth.

“This compares quite favourably when viewed with, for example, Europe’s average of 1.6% growth and 4.1% in the US recently. Chinese industries are hiring; employees find it quite easy to switch jobs and ask for double-digit per cent pay increases.”

Click here to read the full report in Recruiter Magazine.

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