Project RPO vs. end-to-end RPO: what’s the difference?

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Project RPO vs. end-to-end RPO: the amount of time committed to RPO tends to define whether it’s considered project, or end-to-end.

But first, you may wonder, “What is RPO?“.

RPO refers to ‘recruitment process outsourcing’. The term ‘outsourced recruitment’ is similar to RPO, but RPO refers to wider improvements in talent processes.

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Project RPO can serve as a pilot for a lengthier end-to-end RPO solution.

RPO improvements can take place at any level, including by role type, by team, by business unit, or commonly at enterprise level.

As you’ll see below, RPO offers a pick-and-mix service selection for strategic HR leaders. The driving goal is to create greater efficiency in talent processes.

Let’s dig into the finer details of project RPO vs. end-to-end RPO. We’ll start with end-to-end RPO, since this is typically what HR leaders think of when they consider outsourced recruitment.

End-to-end RPO

End-to-end RPO is a complete outsourced recruitment solution, typically delivered over multiple years. Managed by a third-party partner, an end-to-end RPO solution can encompass every component of your talent strategy.

These components may include:

  • candidate attraction
  • candidate screening
  • candidate assessments
  • interview scheduling
  • on-boarding periods
  • compliance monitoring
  • exit interviews

While a business can select any combination of the offering, they also have the option to outsource all of them. That would mean incorporating all of these components into your talent strategy, and potentially others as well.

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Project RPO

Project RPO is similar to end-to-end RPO, particularly in terms of service design and capability.

The main difference, however, is that project RPO tends to be delivered as a short-term solution. Project RPO can be delivered in weeks or months.

Quite often, projects tend to target a temporary hiring requirement.

For example, you may be planning to launch a new product or service, and urgently require extra sales people. Project RPO could help you quickly achieve that goal.

Or, you may need to deliver on a very niche requirement. For example, you may be struggling to fill a key role, but the requirements are so unique that the job requisition remains open longer than it should. Project RPO could help find the required talent, and ensure that the entire process runs effectively for everyone concerned.

In a way, project RPO lets you test-drive a full-scale RPO solution. It give you a sense of what it’s like to design, implement, and deliver RPO.

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