Motivating different generations in the workplace: tips and advice

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Motivating different generations in the workplace is often a huge challenge. But having a purpose-driven culture can be a key uniting factor.

Watch the video for a deeper explanation from Tony Martin, EVP for RPO and talent management:

In the clip, Tony explains how search engines enable talent leaders to find virtually anyone who meets the brief of what they’re looking for.

The real challenge, he says, is how we go about engaging these candidates and enticing them to join our business.

That’s where the concept of purpose becomes key.

Purpose matters not just to Millennials and Gen-Z talent, Tony argues, but to all generations.

Strong EVPs can help motivate different generations

Your organization’s employer value proposition (EVP) plays a fundamental role in communicating organizational purpose and values.

A strong careers page or website, for example, should serve as a central touch point for delivering messages of purpose. Thoughtful content allows potential candidates to align their own values and intentions alongside those of the business, and to gauge whether the opportunity might be suitable.

“It’s less about the organization these days,” Tony says, “and more about that personal message of: 1.) Here’s what you can do in the organization. 2.) Here’s why you fit. 3.) Here’s why this is a good opportunity for you to come into the company.”

Once your top candidates accept offers and begin the journey towards becoming great employees, you then need to consider creative and strategic ways in which team members of different generations can collaborate effectively.

Tony Martin
Purpose is key to motivating different generations at work, says Tony Martin.

Collaboration styles will depend upon many factors, including an employee’s previous industry, role, and wider background.

As a team leader, you’ll soon discover how much exposure each employee has previously had to different technology suites, whether they prefer one-to-one training vs. virtual learning, etc.

Everyone is different, and it’s quite often not even down to generational differences, so much as personal tendencies and prior professional experiences.

On a macro level, however, a strong EVP can rally employees around the central unifying force of shared purpose.

So, want to learn more about building a strong EVP to help motivate different generations in your workplace?

Learn more about Employer Branding.

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