Key insights you should expect from data science recruiting firms in Australia and New Zealand

Kathi May

Evaluating which data science recruiting firms to work with in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) can be a painstaking process.

As a starting point, you should ensure that your partner can help you access key insights about the technology and data science talent market.

Not only that, but a strong partner will help you use this knowledge to achieve immediate wins while driving long-term strategic value.

With the right insights, you can map key talent pools. You can also look for certain characteristics (education, for example) as indicators of where early talent can be tapped. Or, you can go even further, by using strategic talent insights to shape acquisition, expansion, and growth plans.

Knowledge is power, and we believe in sharing. So check out some of our own research-based insights into the data science talent market.

Data scientists by region in Australia and New Zealand

Where are the largest pockets of data scientists in ANZ? Find out from our map below.

Data scientist map

Data scientists by educational background in ANZ

Did you know that the University of Melbourne generates the largest number of data science graduates?

The University of Queensland takes the second position, followed closely by Monash University and the University of Sydney.

Discover which institutions follow closely behind.

Data scientist AU graph

The largest employers of data scientists in ANZ

Interestingly enough, while Monash University is the third largest supplier of data science talent, this institution is the region’s largest employer of data scientists.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is the second largest, followed by more universities.

Data scientist AU graph

Evaluating data science recruiting firms

Data points are essential, but so is a detailed understanding of your business objectives. Want to discuss your data science recruitment strategy in greater detail? Contact our Asia-Pacific team today.

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