Competing for talent in today’s market: Sharp’s story

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When it comes to operating a lean talent model, there’s no shortage of challenges.

The number of roles you need to fill can fluctuate greatly. Different languages might be needed today, but the requirements could look completely different tomorrow.

While the list goes on, a common theme emerges: to meet the challenges of today’s workplaces, flexibility is paramount.

In the following video, you’ll meet Justin Hooper, HR Director for Sharp, as he explains how Sharp is building a stronger, more agile business, despite these challenges.

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This video is for talent leaders who want to gain a better understanding of how:

  • The talent market is shifting (00:13)
  • Psychometric assessments improve hiring (00:58)
  • Great talent can be discovered with extra support (01:39)
  • Business challenges can be solved with sourcing (02:13)
  • Analytical reporting inspires trust (03:14)

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