How a change of career created a new sense of belonging. Simon’s story:

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Only three months after entering the world of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) at Hudson RPO, Simon made his first-ever hire. Part of why many recruiters and talent specialists like Simon enjoy their role in an RPO so much is being able to go above and beyond for clients, as well as for their candidates. Simon felt like he could relate to the story of the candidate he helped into a new role, and it inspired him to share his own.
“I could relate to my candidate. Being able to dedicate time to our screening call made a real difference. She shared with me how she had been a stay-at-home parent and was looking to return to work. Our paths crossed at the right time, we worked together to present her suitability for the role to the hiring manager. The hiring manager was just as excited as I was when I first met the candidate, and she ended up being successful in the role.”

“I know what it is like to long for a change of career later in life. For me, that opportunity arrived when Hudson RPO gave me the chance to join their team and enter the world of recruitment. It is a chance I have jumped at.” 

Simon with two young children
Before I started at Hudson RPO, I had been in industries like food, logistics and retail. The holiday period was always the busiest time of the year. Now, at 40 years old, I am working as a recruiter for a company that values our time and understands how important it is to spend time with my family.

“The set up in the Centre of Excellence is like a learning hub, with a never-ending supply of training, sharing of best practices, and the latest trends in the world of recruitment. It has been an excellent environment to familiarize myself with the ways we can connect top candidates with our clients. The variety of industries, languages, and roles that we work with daily, provide a fantastic way of learning on the job. Also, the support of the team is unlike anything else.”

Joining a new company can be daunting, especially when it involves a career change. Simon describes his experience after he was approached by a member of our internal recruitment team: “The conversation was very pleasant, and we kept on talking until the offer was on the table. I knew what to expect at every stage of the recruitment process. A modus operandi that I copied as ‘best practice’ in my current recruiting activities. Putting candidate experience at heart and communicating openly and consistently transforms the recruitment process for both candidates and clients.”
Coming into a new role, company or career can be a daunting experience. But Simon has risen to the challenge. Not only does he make a difference for his candidates, our clients, and the entire Hudson RPO team consider him irreplaceable. His final word of advice for anyone considering joining our team:
Working in the Edinburgh office means you can get involved in many activities, organised by your colleagues. For example, the film club (above), Friday socials, quizzes, and more.

“I suppose you could describe me as a bit of an introvert. I take a bit of time to come out of my shell. At Hudson RPO that was appreciated, allowing me to bring my true self to work. It does not matter if someone works on a different account, is your senior, manager or even a director, everyone is willing to help and wanted me to feel welcomed. Although I felt nervous to change careers at my age, I have never felt out of place since I started!

Does it sound like you would belong at Hudson RPO too? Do not hesitate to contact our internal recruiters for more information on current openings.

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