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Kathi May
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If there is anything organisations have learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic it is that flexibility is key. Even before we found ourselves in lockdown, most organisations would acknowledge that steady, regular recruitment volumes year in year out with no fluctuations was unusual. 

Be it a global hiring freeze affecting local operations or a special project requiring extra resources to be recruited, most businesses at times would find themselves in the situation of needing to scale their recruitment teams up or down. Now more than ever, as organisations emerge post Covid-19, having the ability to flex and scale your team to meet uncertainty is critical. Outsourcing your recruitment function is one way to meet this challenge.

Scaling an internal talent function can be difficult; where do you re-deploy your recruiters to when there are no roles to recruit? Do you have the headcount approval to be able to hire more recruiters when your volumes increase? Do you have access to a talent pool of recruiters who are quickly available to step in and assist?

This is where an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solution can make a difference, by allowing an organisation to flex talent acquisition headcount up and down as hiring needs change. Hudson RPO has shared services teams both on and offshore who are readily available to supplement the activities of the core team and they can do this from an onsite or offsite perspective. Likewise, if hiring volumes drop or stop completely, we can redeploy recruiters to other solutions until that organisation needs them back again. And it’s not just recruiters that we are able to apply this scalability too, we have sourcing specialists and administrators who provide the same shared-service offerings.

Giving an organisation the flexibility to scale their recruitment team up and down without having to make redundancies, increasing headcount or massively increasing recruitment spend by relying on agencies is a key benefit of RPO and something we know our clients truly appreciate from partnering with us.

For anyone who is requiring immediate and scalable on-demand recruitment assistance, our Rapid Response Recruitment team and technology platforms can be immediately mobilised. Please reach out if we can help and stay safe everyone.

Kathi May Headshot

Kathi May

Regional Director, Marketing & Employer Branding

Kathi leads Marketing and Employer Branding in APAC and is passionate about helping Hudson RPO clients attract, engage and retain top talent through innovative employer branding initiatives.  She works closely with the Client Solutions team to develop meaningful marketing strategies that promote the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing in delivering cost reductions, reduced time to hire and significant improvements in quality of talent, staff retention and recruitment service levels.

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