Arah Longford: 33 Years Supporting & Shaping Hudson RPO

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At Hudson RPO, few employees have made as tremendous and long-lasting an impact as Arah Longford. Over more than three decades, Arah has connected and supported Hudson RPOs executive leadership, board, and team across all levels of the organization. She’s tackled ever-increasing responsibilities in corporate functions including human resources and event planning.

Today, as HR Administrator and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Arah faithfully serves the Board of Directors and Management Team. She plans, coordinates, and executes priorities and initiatives to improve the overall health, productivity, and happiness of the Hudson RPO team.

Celebrating three decades with Hudson RPO

Warm, empathetic, and calm under pressure, Arah is known as a quiet achiever who is admired for her professionalism, nurturing spirit and intelligence. She is among Hudson RPOs longest tenured employees and has been involved in our journey since joining the company in 1990.

As we recognize and celebrate Arah’s 33rd work anniversary, we asked Arah to take us back to Hudson RPOs earlier days, to share her proudest moments, and offer advice to others who are also navigating tides of change.

“Arah is truly one of a kind. It's impossible to summarize the impact she's made on our business and team over 33 years. One of the most loyal and consistent people with whom I have ever worked. Hudson RPO is better because of her commitment and her hard work. We are grateful for all that she does.”

—Jeff Eberwein, Chief Executive Officer, Hudson Global, Inc.

Hired by Hudson RPO (Ward Howell International) in 1990, Arah’s first impression was one of excitement. She enjoyed being part of a new company and a growing team. At the time, Hudson RPO was a spin-off from TMP/Monster Worldwide, the parent company of Her excitement has stayed with her over the years as Hudson RPO has evolved its focus from talent marketing to what is known today as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

“Arah is a highly valued colleague who gets her work done with absolute professionalism, integrity, warmth and a high degree of competence. She genuinely cares for people and manages time zones and logistics like no other! Arah is cool under pressure and takes everything in her stride. Our business would not be the same without her.” 

— Kimberley Hubble, CEO, Asia Pacific at Hudson RPO

Navigating changing tides

In her tenure with Hudson RPO, Arah has been part of several organizational changes. Arah has used these opportunities to fuel her ability to adapt and step into new roles, while also growing her skills and taking on new challenges.

“Arah’s unwavering commitment to her work, her colleagues, and organization have enabled her to make a lasting impact here at Hudson RPO. Her active listening, practical advice, and compassionate nature have been the cornerstone of her success and the reason why she is admired and respected by all who have had the privilege of working with her.”

— Darren Lancaster, CEO, Americas and EMEA at Hudson RPO

A proud history

When asked to describe her favorite career highlights, Arah pointed to the opportunity to work with so many different people and personalities. She is a proud recipient of the Aspire Award, a peer recognition program which celebrates innovation, service and learning.

With an eye for detail and stellar organizational skills, Arah has been actively involved in planning the Aspire Awards in recent years, as well as other retreats and meetings that bring business leaders together to share best practices, deepen relationships and collaborate.

“Arah knows our business inside and out and is one of the most positive people we have ever worked with. She is a great advocate on solutions and a key contributor to our success!”

— Joe Belluomini, CEO, Technology, Hudson RPO

“Working with Arah has been a true privilege. Her commitment inspires all of us.”

— Seonaid MacMillian, Global Finance Director, Hudson RPO

Words of wisdom

While Arah says it’s difficult for her personally to turn off work when taking days off, she points to her time with family, friends and her grandchildren as a healthy respite and energizer.

Her advice to team members and leaders as they advance in their careers. “Speak from your heart and never settle. You must enjoy what you are doing.” Coming from someone who has served at the helm of Hudson RPO and onboarded hundreds of employees in the North American business, those are certainly words to take to heart.

“Arah doesn’t shy away from a challenge. She supported us in successfully doubling our team in 2022. Thank you, Arah, for everything you have done.”

— Tim Farrelly, CEO, Coit Group, a Hudson RPO company.

In gratitude

Congratulations, Arah, for 33 years of exceptional leadership support and dedication. We are grateful to have you on our team.

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