Beyond AI and ChatGPT: The power of in-person recruitment

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In today’s talent landscape, it is easy to get caught up in the buzz around new technologies. From recruitment chatbots, to ChatGPT allegedly dissolving the case for cover letters overnight, it’s clear that recruitment as we know it will see significant changes in the years to come. While much attention has been given to the benefits of automation in recruitment, an important point is often overlooked. Specifically, that while AI can and will certainly play a valuable role in the hiring process, it can never replace the power of connection. Whether it’s the rapport built in a face-to-face meeting or the personal touch of a targeted print ad, some aspects of recruitment simply can’t be replicated.

Our talent experts possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in the ever-evolving world of recruitment. This allows them to seamlessly switch between, and continuously evolve, various talent acquisition strategies. Whether it is utilising the latest AI tools and technologies or executing face-to-face recruitment events, they apply their deep understanding of industries and clients’ needs to select the most effective recruitment methods for each role. Regardless of the latest trending topic, they deliver exceptional results.

Face-to-face with the tech prospects of the future

One of our expert teams recently partnered with hiring managers for a series of face-to-face events to recruit the best talent in University for our client. The unique value from face-to-face interactions was a critical element to successfully attracting candidates with these highly sought after skills.

“In my talent acquisition career, I have always valued connections above all else. It's what many recruiters find most rewarding about their job. I think AI is an opportunity that will bring back the personal, consultative approach to recruitment, and frees up time to do this. To connect and foster relationships that will help candidates grow in their careers, and clients execute their plans for growth with the talent they need.”

—Peter, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

These events were incredibly successful in positioning our client as an employer of choice for niche technology talent – even when the client’s industry was not your typical ‘pure’ technology company. By engaging with students and showcasing the exciting technology opportunities at our client’s organisation, our experts successfully engaged with technologists of the future. With genuine face-to-face interactions, our team was able to build a pipeline of tech talent and create a talent pool of candidates still completing their degrees.

Driving success: a roadside billboard campaign to recruit top truck drivers.

Our talent experts know that when it comes to recruitment, delivery is key. The long-term partnerships with our clients mean that our experts are fully embedded into their business, operations and culture. This gives them a unique and complex understanding of their target talent segment. Rather than exclusively leveraging traditional job boards or social media campaigns, this team decided to drive their point home in a big way; by also putting up a roadside billboard that would find truck drivers at the heart of their operations.

“The long-term partnership we have built with our client allows us to think outside of the box. When it comes to high-demand roles like this, we know what it takes to bring talent in. What we proposed hadn’t been done before. Our relationship with the business meant we were trusted to implement innovative ways of recruiting talent, while being credible and authentic ambassadors for the client’s brand. ”

—Pratima, Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Recruitment in the right places: job fair uncovers hidden talent

In a regional Victorian Council, our expert team attended a local job fair, where they were able to connect with a diverse pool of candidates. By being present in their community and engaging with candidates in person, our team was able to showcase the opportunities available and highlight the benefits of working for our client. For many roles, being able to connect and build trust personally, leads to a stronger talent pool than when relying on online channels and CV submissions alone.

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