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According to the 2023 U.S. Life Sciences Outlook Report by the CBRE group, life science employment reached a record high at the start of 2023. The San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Seattle were the fastest-growing markets. In this environment, talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers must continuously explore innovative ways to attract talent, says Gary Jones, director of life sciences recruitment at Hudson RPO in the Americas. These are his top tips when competing for talent in the life sciences candidate market:

1. Make your mission theirs

Your mission is unique. Do candidates know what it is? In the life sciences industry, candidates are often fueled by their unique skills and ambition to improve quality of life and health outcomes. What you can offer them is the opportunity to drive innovations in precisely that area. Make sure candidates can see how their skills plug into projects and real-life innovations. You are offering more than a job opportunity; you are inviting candidates to be part of positive change and innovation.

2. Ignite passion for learning

Another unique element of the life sciences industry is the unmatched level of research and development. Consider building a recruitment process that highlights your commitment to learning and professional development. Share how your employees have collaborated on cutting-edge research, how they have been supported to stay at the forefront of scientific advancement. By showcasing a culture that thrives on learning and development, you are tapping into a core aspect of what attracts people to the industry.

Recruitment in life sciences is so much more than filling roles; it’s about building teams that shape the health and life-quality innovations of tomorrow. In a competitive landscape, a compelling employer brand and an efficient recruitment process are key. But the magic happens when candidates see not just a job, but a chance to collaborate and innovate with experts from diverse scientific domains. It’s about inspiring them to create the exceptional.”

3. Create a compelling brand

There’s an abundance of great opportunities for today’s life science candidates. A compelling employer brand can set you apart from the competition. A great brand encompasses more than the values displayed on your website; it is the lived experience of the people in your business. Articulating this authentically, for example through testimonials, online reviews, and social media, shows candidates what they are signing up for beyond the job description.

4. Build an efficient recruitment process

In the competitive life sciences industry, it is key to optimize your recruitment process. Many candidates consider the recruitment process a reflection of the way you work. Acting swiftly and efficiently not only prevents top talent from slipping through your fingers to competitors, but also shows candidates appreciation for their skills and time. Do away with redundant steps in your recruitment process and ensure clear communications throughout.

Does your recruitment strategy attract top talent?

In a competitive market requiring niche skills, talent acquisition is always evolving. This means talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers are always exploring innovative ways to attract talent. You don’t have to go at it alone. Hudson RPO has partnered with many renowned life sciences organizations to build transformative recruitment strategies. Get in touch with our talent experts to find out how you could benefit from a partnership with Hudson RPO.

This article was originally published in 2019, and we have since updated it with the latest insights of our talent experts to share actionable and relevant talent advice. Original Article: https://www.hudsonrpo.com/blogs-articles/life-sciences-recruitment-advice-discover-how-to-compete-for-talent

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