10 recruitment trends for 2022

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This year will change the way we compete for talent. Set your strategy and recruitment teams up for success.

Are you ready to put the lessons we learned last year into action? 2022 will be an exciting time wherein we will see shifts in the way we attract, engage and recruit talent.

We created an overview of the 10 most important trends – and how organizations can adapt to them – to set you and your recruitment teams up for success.

  1. Culture is the cornerstone of your employer brand.
  2. Leverage technology to engage with candidates ahead of time.
  3. Reimagine recruitment strategies to identify soft skills.
  4. Unlock the talent that already works for you.
  5. Be an employer of choice: take care of your employees.
  6. 4 different generations working together in one place.
  7. Show don’t tell: bring employee stories to life.
  8. Impact reaches beyond the workplace.
  9. Commitment is demonstrated in experience.
  10. It begins and ends with your recruitment function.

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