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Talent Pooling: A faster, cheaper and smarter approach to recruitment

Talent Pooling

In today’s pressure-charged business environment, being able to scale up quickly to grasp business opportunities is a major competitive advantage. But finding the right talent at short notice is a challenge for the most veteran HR executives, not to mention filling unexpected vacancies that arise in business critical roles.

What if every key role had several qualified, engaged and motivated candidates lined-up to fill it? This is what the practice of talent pooling provides – an approach to hiring that can empower your organisation to hire better people, in less time and at less expense, while enhancing your employer brand.


The new report from Hudson, “Talent Pooling: A faster, cheaper and smarter approach to recruitment” is a step-by-step guide that provides:

  • How to move out of reactive to proactive recruiting mode
  • Communication strategies for candidate relationship management
  • Talent pooling programs to build the employer brand
  • 10 steps for building a successful talent pool
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