Recruitment in a candidate led-market

In contrast to last year’s recruitment freezes, furlough, and job losses, the job market has taken an undeniable turn in 2021. With careful optimism, an uptake in vaccination rates and easing restrictions, the confidence to hire is at an all-time high. However, the shortfall in

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Benefits of RPO solutions: discover 5 advantages praised by leaders

Competitive advantage and business results depend on access to the best talent in the market. Through the implementation of ‘fit for purpose’ outsourced recruitment solutions, smart organizations are positioning themselves for increased organizational performance and growth. The benefits of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) are significant.

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The Role of Recruitment in Driving Diversity in the Workforce

An effective diversity program recognizes that an organisation’s workforce and their customer base consists of a diverse population of people with differences. When these differences are harnessed a productive environment is created where employees feel valued, potential is harnessed and customers are better served. The