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Make your recruiting
process more efficient

In the USA, our clients can expect decreased average cost per hire by 20-30%, and decrease time to fill by an average of 25-50%

The American labor market is on the mend. As unemployment rates decrease, competition for highly talented workers is heating up. During this time of intense competition, the best recruitment agencies have turned to increasingly creative sourcing tactics. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have opened up a huge opportunity for sourcing candidates. According to Bullhorn, tech hubs, such as Boston, Silicon Valley and New York City, have seen a shortage of software developers and programmers. What's the best way to reach these tech-savvy people? Social media. Bullhorn also reports that other sectors that have seen an uptick in employment are real estate, construction, industrial, office/clerical, and sales.

In addition to recruiting via social media, American companies are looking to find the right talent. It's not about finding as many candidates to fill as many positions as possible; it's about making correct hiring decisions that can actually contribute to the success of the company as a whole. Employer branding has become increasingly important for US companies to attract and retain employees.

In the United States, companies are also looking for blended solutions in terms of recruitment process outsourcing. When RPO first came onto the scene, it offered a one-note line of services. Today, RPO solutions range from hybrid solutions to end-to-end recruitment. Today's top recruitment agencies used top-of-the-line technology to make better hiring decisions and offer state-of-the-art reporting.

We're part of a global team of RPO experts located in 21 markets serving 43 countries deploying best practices in recruiting.

We specialize in permanent professional-level candidates of all levels.

In an industry known for "young" recruiters, Hudson RPO's U.S. leadership team has an average industry tenure of 10 years. As a Hudson RPO client, you'll work directly with these senior-level market experts, not just junior account people.

Measurable quality of talent... retained

  • Our recruitment solutions provide you with the flexibility to staff up or down as dictated by your recruiting needs, paying for what you actually use.
  • At Hudson RPO, our recruiters don't work on multiple accounts. Our people sit locally, on-site or off-site in your key locations, and work only on your account. We believe this yields better results and creates more efficiency and sustainability.

We build high-touch, innovative solutions for sustainable business success

  • You'll switch to variable rather than fixed costs and benefit from increased economies of scale with productivity, stakeholder and cost measurements provided along the way.
  • At Hudson RPO, we show you how to use recruiting to support your firm's business expansion goals. Our rigorous workforce planning educates your in-house team on topics such as how to engage the business with a process and methodology to anticipate growth and new product launches.
Hudson RPO
U.S. Contact

Anthony Martin

Executive Vice President, RPO & Talent Management
Success Stories
  • RPO for Multi-Billion Dollar Gaming Co.
  • 16 Immediate New Hires
  • 3,000 Professional Hires for Asian Electronics Giant
  • Reduced time to fill by 50 days for Global Investment Management Firm
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