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RPO Solutions in the Netherlands

Temporary and Permanent Placements of Professional-Level Candidates

Plan for business growth
and new product launches

We not only fill your current vacancies, but we build a pipeline of qualified, passive candidates that’s yours to keep.

Hudson RPO delivers solutions across the Netherlands

  • We specialise in placing temporary and permanent professional-level candidates and salespeople of all levels.
  • Hudson RPO’s European senior leadership team has an average industry tenure of 15 years. As a Hudson RPO client, you’ll work directly with these senior-level market experts, not just junior account people.
  • Our recruitment solutions provide you with the flexibility to staff up or down as dictated by your recruiting needs, paying for what you actually use.

Measurable quality of talent… retained.

  • Our UK- and Belgium-based PhD psychologists have developed proprietary assessment tools and interview techniques to measure leadership skills, interpersonal attributes and competencies.
  • Hudson RPO uniquely combines our recruitment process outsourcing expertise with leading in-house talent management consulting capabilities across workforce planning and employment.
  • We research your brand’s perception in the marketplace and provide guidance on enhancing your employer brand to attract the highest quality candidates.

We build high-touch, innovative solutions for sustainable business success.

  • We partner with you demonstrating how to measure time, cost and quality for better business decisions. You’ll benefit from increased economies of scale with productivity, stakeholder and cost measurements provided along the way.
  • At Hudson RPO, we show you how to use recruiting to support your firm’s business expansion goals. Our rigorous workforce planning educates your in-house team on how to engage the business with a process and methodology to anticipate growth and new product launches.
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