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Latin America RPO: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico
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Hudson RPO offers services in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

While most North American countries continue to struggle with high unemployment rates, Latin America has bucked the trend. Unemployment rates in Latin American countries have fallen to near-historic lows, well below the average for developed countries, according to Trading Economics. Mexico comes in at the lowest in the Latin American countries, with an unemployment rate of just 5.29 percent. Brazil is not far behind, with 5.4 percent. Luckily, this trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years. However, this trend has created a shortage of available talent. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand.

Interestingly, this has also caused a shift in the job market. Instead of seeing an increase in demand across the board for skilled workers, Latin America has experienced a dramatic uptick in the demand for MBAs, according to Top MBA. Mexico, Argentina and Brazil all ranked in the top ten as having the most opportunities for MBAs in the world.

Latin America has also seen an increase in employment demands in two key sectors: consulting and financial services, both of which are expected to continue to grow. Despite the global trend towards growth in the technology sector, Latin America has seen no such increase, according to Top MBA.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is still a relatively new concept in Latin America. Most companies traditionally work with external agencies or executive search companies, and by delegating their recruitment to an external provider, they often don't realize the benefit of an internal talent acquisition team.

When it comes to working in North America and Latin America, one size does not fit all. A sourcing strategy that works for Brazil may not be the best approach in Mexico; an off-site recruiter can be effective in North America, but less effective in Latin America where Hiring Managers expect to have regular, face-to-face interaction with their recruiters.

We help Latin American organizations grow by providing a regional recruitment solution. In a region not known for myriad recruitment options, we provide full outsourcing, project outsourcing or consulting to Latin American clients. Whether we manage a client's entire recruitment life cycle for professional-level staff, or clients simply leverage our expertise within a certain country or area of the business, clients count on us to optimize their recruitment function where they need it most. By being flexible when dealing with countries with such different political and physical realities, we can adjust our bandwidth to cover any company's recruiting needs.

When RPO is tailor-made for the Latin America market, we can:

  • Manage the recruitment lifecycle especially for the department where you have the greatest need.
  • Create a database for a specific business segment, working towards a talent pipeline.
  • Customize hiring processes based upon talent acquisition needs, using regional trends and processes but customizing market specifics by country.
  • Set the same metrics regionally but with different goals if needed to adapt to each country's specific market.

In partnering with an outsourced talent acquisition team, you'll leverage the expertise of internal recruitment experts in your industry. Other benefits include:

  • A Robust Talent Pipeline
  • Enhanced Employer Branding
  • A Database of Qualified Candidates for Future Positions
  • Centralized Information and Regional Account Management
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