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Is Social Media Monitoring the Cure for Manufacturing’s Talent Problem?

Today tools exist to monitor candidates’ and employees’ job seeking behaviors in real time. These tools give companies a competitive edge in recruiting, retention and workforce planning. Question is, are manufacturing executives willing to use these controversial tools to cure their talent shortage pains? It’s

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9 Warning Signs Your Company Is Unprepared For Large Project Growth

Your mid-market company is growing fast. HR has scrambled to put in the proper training and benefits programs. Now you’re expanding into a new market or launching that new product. You’ll need 50+ hires quickly. Is it realistic to assume your HR team can pivot


Illuminating the Darkness on LinkedIn

Tools and techniques for unearthing hard-to-find talent on LinkedIn This blog article originally appeared on SourceCon on November 25, 2014. A few years ago I read Glen Cathey’s article called “LinkedIn’s Dark Matter- Undiscovered Profiles.” Reading the article set my mind in motion. In the

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Advantages of a Consistent Hiring Process

Reduce Your Average Cost Per Hire An RPO solution provides the overall benefit of CONSISTENCY OF PROCESS when it comes to hiring for an organisation. This not only provides transparency into your recruitment outcomes, but it allows for cost savings and provides assurance that your

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Super-Charging Sales with Quality of Hiring Metrics

Imagine the impact that a 20 percent sales increase would have on your company’s bottom line. Now, imagine a 40 percent increase. With quality hires, your sales team can outperform your sales goals. In fact, a study by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company reports