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Infographic: What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest

What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest - infographic by Hudson

Hudson RPO and HRO Today magazine recently commissioned a survey of 324 HR executives from companies such as Disney and Microsoft, among others to determine what separates Top Employer Brands from Other Brands. The resulting report, entitled, “Launching a Premier Employer Brand Program: Practices that Distinguish Top Employer Brands,” analyzes the practices of Top Employer Brands versus Other Brands and provides advice on implementing a successful employer brand program.

Here is a snapshot of Top Employer Brand practices versus those of the Other Employer Brands:

An employer brand is a company’s reputation as an employer among current, former and perspective employees. Strong employer brands attract candidates that are a good cultural fit to an organization. Employees who are a good fit are typically more productive, more engaged and more likely to stay with a company for the long-term.

As the infographic indicates, there are several key differences between Top Employer Brands and Other Employer Brands. Top Employer Brands devote time and resources to clearly define and document an employer brand strategy, involve multiple department and other groups in promoting the employer brand and assign distinct organizational responsibilities for owning and managing it.

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<a href=""> <img alt="What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest - infographic by Hudson" height="3468" src="" width="600"> </a><p> <a href=""> What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest</a> infographic by <a href="">Hudson</a></p>


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