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Four Strategies for Recruiting Top Accounting Talent

Understanding what motivates candidates
is key for accounting recruitment

If there are any lessons to be learned since the Arthur Anderson/Enron/Worldcom implosion in October of 2001 and the recent economic downturn, it’s that highly skilled and knowledgeable auditors are important assets in business. Global companies scramble for these bean counters with CPA’s from top public accounting firms and the fight for talent grows fiercer with each new recruitment class. As business continues to become more global and governments struggle with trying to find common ground on uniform accounting standards, the question becomes how do organizations seek and secure top public accounting firm talent when these individuals already have established, challenging and growing careers in highly regarded positions?

Organizations are trying to be proactive and aggressively seek out these highly-qualified individuals. These types of candidates are not necessarily motivated by money. Understanding what drives this caliber of candidate is key when presenting opportunities that make sense to them and to garner their enthusiasm. Here are four sourcing strategies to consider when recruiting accounting talent:

  1. Understand the candidate’s motivators : Audit professionals work long hours, especially during busy season. A great salary and bonus are a great compensation for the personal sacrifice, but a better work-life balance and challenging work are significant factors that can provide incentive for a move.
  2. Sell your opportunity : Once you understand your candidate’s drivers for a move, sell the role to fill that need. Many auditors are drawn to their positions for the challenge and for the continuous learning it provides. Explain how your organization will help foster their career growth, optimize their potential, and ultimately get them excited about the opportunity.
  3. Make the recruitment process painless : Be direct, honest and as efficient as possible. Most auditors have several clients that they serve and they don’t have time to waste with untimely feedback and communication gaps. Keeping the recruitment process efficient and on schedule helps the candidate have confidence in the organization’s professionalism. If they have a good experience, this increases the chance they will refer some of their colleagues and friends.
  4. Grow your sourcing pool : Top auditors don’t post their resumes online. They don’t have to seek opportunities because opportunities come to them. Online resources, such as LinkedIn and efinancial, are a great tool for finding candidate profiles but be sure to take a look beyond that to discover new talent. Keep in mind that the majority of strong public accounting talent has their CPA license. Networking with local accounting associations and school alumni boards is a great way to make candidates aware of your organization’s presence and talent needs.

There will always be competition for great talent in the accounting industry, but by understanding how to sell your opportunity and where to increase your candidate pipeline, you will be better equipped to keep you organization competitive and relevant.

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