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How to Manage High-Volume Recruitment Periods

Knowing how to manage fluctuating
recruitment trends can distinguish
an average staffing professional
from a great one

Anyone who’s worked in Human Resources, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition or as a Hiring Manager for several business cycles knows there are times when your open requisition list surges and other times where you may have great candidates with no roles for them to step into. Knowing how to manage these highs and lows can set average hiring professionals apart from great ones.

Hiring peaks can be cyclical. For example, hiring ramps up for many companies at this time of year as the New Year brings new budgets and managers suddenly face a long list of approved open positions. High-volume recruiting periods can also be business-driven, such as: a media agency wins a new account and needs to quickly staff a large team from Assistant Media Planners to Digital Directors; a pharmaceutical company receives FDA approval to launch a new product line, creating fast demand for experienced sales representatives; a consumer product company moves a manufacturing facility and can migrate staff but also will need to find talent in the new geography. Where to start?

  • Remember those great candidates you couldn’t find a spot for last year? Don’t lose out on them. They’ve already been vetted so that is a great place to start when new positions open up. Keep in touch by connecting on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+. A well-functioning Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or CRM is crucial for staying on top of your talent pool.
  • Social media is the quickest way to get the word out. To save time, utilize a tool such as Hootsuite to cross-post to various social media outlets.
  • Open web sourcing or Boolean searches can help uncover passive candidates that others may not be able to find.
  • Jumpstart employee referrals by highlighting ‘hot’ positions and offering a limited-time referral bonus if budget allows. Employee referrals are one of the most effective sources of quality hires.
  • Great candidates can refer other great candidates – don’t limit your networking efforts to current employees.
  • Spend time developing an efficient and effective screening and assessment process.
  • Bring in experts to handle the high-volume recruiting period. For short term project based initiatives, manage the spike without adding overhead with an outsourced recruitment projects solution.
  • Establish and execute a project plan so that internal and external resources know what is happening and when. Valuable time (and candidates) can be lost if a Hiring Manager takes a vacation in the middle of the hiring period and there is any ambiguity.

Be better prepared for a high-volume hiring period by taking advantage of slower hiring periods. If there is a lull around holidays, summer vacations or end-of-year budgeting, use this time to:

  • Re-energize employer branding efforts to keep the company at the forefront of prospective hires’ minds.
  • Build your talent pipeline by uncovering hard-to-find, passive candidates - doing so affords you a crucial competitive edge. Active job-seekers are likely to be in front of your competitors already.
  • Focus on professional development. Take an HR training course or research new technology like Facebook’s new Graph Search. A recently released report showed that 98% of recruiters surveyed used social media for recruiting in 2012. Don’t fall behind the curve!

Through reporting and analysis we can uncover trends in hiring volumes each year and build that into resource planning, this way the ‘hiring peak’ becomes the norm and we are better prepared for it.

Learn how Hudson RPO can help you manage high volume recruitment periods.  Contact us today.

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