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Effective Recruitment in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Recruiters in the pharma industry
have had to rethink their strategy
and adapt to meet the needs of this
highly competitive sector

The pharmaceutical industry has long been considered one of the largest, most enduring and knowledge-intensive sectors in the global economy. However, the pharma industry, like many other sectors, has been affected by the global economic crisis and has been forced to rethink its strategy to remain competitive. As a result, recruitment professionals working in this sector have also had to change their approach to adapt to the needs of this sector.

As NGP’s “Targeting Top Talent” article states, “Human capital is the key to success in any industry – but it is especially relevant to an industry such as the pharmaceutical sector where knowledge is the name of the game”. For those of us in recruitment, we have long known that the scientific, commercial and financial success of any pharmaceutical company is directly related to the competency (knowledge, skill and attitudes) of its employees.

For Hudson RPO and its onsite recruiters, this means they have to stay intimately connected with what is happening in the pharmaceutical sector and the recruitment industry to continually add value to their clients and meet their needs for top talent. In an increasingly competitive market where many companies are vying for the same talent, we need to be smart and work harder to secure talent for our clients. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  1. Understand what is great or unique about our client relative to competitors and ensure these points are clearly and consistently communicated to every candidate, emphasising those points that you know from your interviews will most appeal to that specific candidate.
  2. Be aware of what competitors may be saying about our client to try and influence candidates to reject our offers and ensure you have ammunition to counter this!
  3. Ensure the highest levels of service are provided to all candidates – giving candidates a great experience during the recruitment process can sometimes itself influence the candidate to take your offer over others.
  4. Ensure the recruitment process is as streamlined as possible to reduce the time it takes to make an offer. Try and schedule joint interviews where possible and ensure specific SLA’s are in place to keep the process moving quickly.
  5. Keeping networks within the sector current by participating in both online and off line networking events. Even if these people are not right for your roles, they are often a great referral source.
  6. Connect with your clients on LinkedIn so that you can utilise their professional networks moiré efficiently.
  7. Be proactive. Don’t wait until the vacancy arises, start sourcing ahead of time.
  8. Capitalise on the benefits of Social Media – this has become one of the most important forms of communication and interaction to date. “It has turned the world from passive consumers into active consumers” (, 2011).

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Pharmaceutical Industry is actually one of the largest sectors in the global economy, And it would be a great sharing knowledge for those who are in or looking to make their future in this particulate industry, not only this this will help the recruiters is well.

Just gone through the blog and came to know about the recruitment process in pharmaceutical industry!!! and also got to know that policies followed in the industry are strict and unique too!!!





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