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How to Use RPO to Drive International Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment is one of the best
strategies for sourcing top candidates
in the current war for talent

The “War for Talent” (McKinsey & Company, April 2001) states that, “Reduced supply of future executives in Europe and US will make the international war for talent more intense.” Internal employees are one of the best talent resources available to help minimise the impact of the “War for Talent”. Hudson’s 20:20 Report: Next Generation Recruitment – Battle Strategies for the Talent War, further backs this up by saying, “As the talent pool dwindles employers must maximise the value of their employer brand ensuring they promote career development opportunities within their organisation.”

Internal employees already have the knowledge of your business, are often “Brand Ambassadors” and their successful relocation can be used as a great example of your business truly investing in its workforce.

Despite the current economic climate, employees still want growth opportunities and the allure to work overseas is as strong as ever. Companies have the opportunity to relocate top talent in order to meet the needs of both the employee and the company. This could be from regions from low growth to higher economic growth areas or taking successful leaders to revive low growth regions.

Hudson RPO regularly partners with their clients to facilitate international internal recruitment, by adopting the following process:

  1. Having frank and open discussions with hiring managers to identify opportunities within their team that would be suitable for international internal employees, as well as identifying existing talent who have specified a specific interest in working overseas.
  2. Developing strong networks with other internal recruitment functions around the globe, both RPO and in-house models.
  3. Using those networks to discuss internal talent to identify opportunities for individuals.
  4. Proactively managing the relationship with internal employees to ensure that the potential new position meets their expectations.
  5. Providing the internal employee with comprehensive information about life in their potential new country, for them and their family where needed.
  6. Working with local HR departments globally, to ensure the necessary processes are completed in a quick and efficient manner.
  7. Handling the expectations of all parties concerned to ensure that the transfer of the employee does not negatively impact business opportunities.
  8. Consistently contacting the employee throughout the recruitment process and once they have started to help ensure a successful transition.
  9. Ensuring relocation and transition support is provided to the individual and their family as needed.

Letting your RPO partner drive your international internal recruitment ensures you have true recruitment experts handling the expectations of all concerned. As trained recruiters, we are able to have difficult conversations with internal candidates around their suitability for positions. Your RPO provider can ensure the integrity and transparency of the process. We can help you create a company culture where your top talent can add maximum value anywhere and, by doing so, help you win the “War for Talent”.

Learn how Hudson RPO can help improve your international internal recruitment.  Contact us today.

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