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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and the Engineering Industry

Recruitment and talent management teams are well placed to lead an organisation’s diversity efforts
A strong RPO can maximise your brand,
reduce time to fill and cut costs when
recruiting highly skilled engineers

Engineering, utilities and energy are all sectors which are bucking the trend in these gloomy economic times. Whether it's a career in automotive, technology/electronics, nuclear, renewable energy or oil and gas, being an engineer is probably the safest job with the best career opportunities currently available anywhere. However, perception and severe under investment in previous generations of talent has resulted in a major global skills gap.

A few of the common observations and comments coming from these sectors are:

  • Too many suppliers and not enough candidates; demand significantly out strips supply
  • Emerging talent is not supplementing what is a rapidly declining talent pool, leading to a massive skills and knowledge gap
  • Second and third tier companies can't compete with the big multi nationals
  • The developing gap between employee and employer salary expectations is unsustainable
  • Cyclical raiding of talent "robbing Peter to pay Paul" bears no fruit as nowadays "Paul" will just rob "Peter" in return
  • Spend on recruitment is out of control
  • Recruitment process is either led by HR or line managers and there is often a lack of expertise in how to manage the highly competitive nature of these markets

A strong RPO should act as an integral business partner helping to maximise your brand, improve resource planning, increase direct sourcing, save you money, build Hiring Manager skills, reduce time to fill and maximise candidate quality and employee engagement.

Here are a few examples of the operational and strategic benefits your RPO partner should deliver:

Operational Benefits

Highly skilled, culturally aligned recruiters – Recruitment Consultants are chosen specifically for you and with you. They are experts in talent acquisition within your industry and aligned to your culture. They will bring the know how to ensure the talent acquisition process is targeted and streamlined for both one off search led programmes to high volume recruitment campaigns.

Costs savings – By increasing your direct sourcing capability, you will significantly reduce your reliance on and spend with third party suppliers. By introducing more diverse and innovative sourcing channels, you will also save money on more traditional job advertisements.

High touch candidate engagement – provide a highly responsive, direct point of contact for all candidates, ensuring best career opportunities are identified for the most suitable candidates, managing business and candidate expectations carefully.

Business support – provide the highest level of expert and factual advice to Line Management, saving them time and enabling them to structure and resource their business successfully.

Reduced time to hire – by putting in place the people, processes and technology, we can streamline recruitment, and significant reduce your time to fill open roles.

Strategic Benefits

Build brand awareness – partnering with your HR and marketing teams and external brand specialists to identify your employee value proposition by key talent segment. We ensure your EVP is communicated consistently and accurately to your target market across all candidate touch points, dramatically improving candidate awareness of who you are and what you do.

Improve resource planning – partnering to understand short, mid and long term business strategies to facilitate quality based talent pools in line with current and future demands.

Increase direct sourcing capability – developing and implementing a solid infrastructure that will be based on expertise, knowledge and results, providing increased direct sourcing capability, reduced reliance and spend with suppliers and improved supplier management and performance.

Talent pool development and maintenance – through the development of centralised systems and engagement processes we will increase access to and engagement with emerging, passive and active candidates, as well as providing relevant competitor data.

Develop Hiring Manager Skills – Interview coaching and training is provided to Line Management on both a structured and ad hoc basis to improve interview, selection and recruitment success as well as dramatically enhancing candidate engagement.

Improving quality of hire – By implementing rigorous processes and assessment tools, enhanced hiring manager skills and more diverse sourcing channels, we can also help you increase quality of hire.

Employee engagement – partner with hiring managers to identify high performing and high potential internal talent and ensure they are considered for open roles, positively impacting employee engagement in the process.

RPO should be recognised by all stakeholders as more than just a way to save money. Although costs can be significantly reduced, we believe it is an RPO's contribution to increasing the top line that warrants more attention and this is done by improving your resource planning, lifting employee engagement and time to fill and, most importantly, by increasing the quality of your hiring.

Learn how Hudson RPO can help your efforts in the engineering industry.  Contact us today.

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