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Social Recruiting through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Social Media Apps

As social recruiting continues to mature and build employer branding opportunities for organisations, there are still many who struggle with the concept and opportunity to develop and share their company's stories and values. Whilst many still see online recruiting as difficult or time consuming, it is truly worth the effort. Social recruiting uses any form of online media to share, connect and engage with candidates to attract them to your employer brand, job or both. Contrary to popular belief, online recruiting encompasses more than just Twitter and Facebook. Any social platform you use to share information about a job or employer brand, like YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, Instagram photos and so on, are relevant recruiting channels.

In broad terms, social media can be used as a sourcing tool for candidates, as a job-posting tool, as a way to build your employer brand (including reputation management), as a research tool (discovering viral and hot topics in the market) and as a way to complement a company's career site.

Since each person consumes content differently, knowing your audience allows you to target content specifically for your candidates. Some candidates will become early adopters, and some might sit on the sidelines until a certain time. The following is a breakdown of the most popular social recruiting channels and how to use them.


LinkedIn is now considered one of the largest networking platforms in the world and to date is primarily used to connect with businesses, find jobs and network with other users. Building a profile and making connections with those in your industry helps develop your personal brand and source candidates while also keeping you up to date with industry news.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, contribute to groups, and become an active member so people get to know you, your business and you areas of interest. Update your profile regularly and sharing relevant information, such as industry-specific articles.

Finally, optimize your profile in order for others to find you through keyword searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) is important on LinkedIn so that candidates can easily discover your profile.


Twitter is an excellent tool for recruitment. You can connect with industry leaders and build relationships, advertise job opportunities using hashtags (#jobs), source candidates directly, follow up with potential candidates and follow discussions in your industry. Although, unlike LinkedIn, you are limited to 140 characters, Twitter is a popular and engaging way to connect with anyone sporting a Twitter profile.


Facebook and Twitter share many similarities: the ability to search, connect, update your status and use hashtags. On Facebook though, company "Pages" and "Groups" are more interactive and visual with greater engagement compared to Twitter's services.

Additionally, Facebook applications create more opportunities for discovering candidates, and now with "Graph Search," you can source candidates by inputting terms directly into the search bar. The Facebook advertising platform is a powerful tool for targeting certain demographics. For example, when you search for qualifications and pair them with geographical requirements, Facebook brings up a list of highly qualified potential candidates with whom to engage.

In the end, it's advantageous to use many social recruiting channels in a complementary fashion so that you can reach as many potential candidates as possible.

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