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Benefits of RPO solutions: discover 5 advantages praised by leaders

Competitive advantage and business results depend on access to the best talent in the market. Through the implementation of ‘fit for purpose’ outsourced recruitment solutions, smart organizations are positioning themselves for increased organizational performance and growth. The benefits of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) are significant.

10 signs your business could grow faster, stronger, with RPO partners

RPO partners can support a variety of business landscapes. From pharma to finance, manufacturing to media, and many industries beyond, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) supports business leaders through transition and growth. Could your enterprise work smarter, more efficiently, with an RPO partnership? Discover 10 telltale

Benefits of RPO: discover 3 ways your HR team can reduce costs

For most businesses, recessionary periods tend to trigger significant changes in hiring demand and requirements. These trends spur many companies to reevaluate their recruitment processes and cost structures, particularly as they pertain to talent acquisition. Of course, it doesn’t take a recession, or even signs

Weighing outsourced recruitment, versus in-house or blended models

Outsourced recruitment vs. in-house recruitment, or indeed even a blend of both: what makes the best sense for your business? In some cases, the answer lies somewhere in between, via a blended talent model. There isn’t one right answer. What we can probably all agree

HRD Summit 2020: join us in harnessing human creativity

HRD Summit 2020 has been announced, and we are proud to join Europe’s top HR leaders at the annual event. The summit takes place this February, in Birmingham, UK. This year’s theme invites HR leaders to ‘harness human creativity’ on a deeper level throughout the workplace.

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Graduate recruitment schemes: what many HR leaders don’t know

High-performing graduate recruitment schemes address skills shortages. They also build a talent pipeline. In this environment, candidates not only gain a foothold into employment, but often accelerate their skills development through specialist training. Employers, meanwhile, can readily develop and shape early-career talent. Because these candidates

Gdansk, Poland HR shared service centre recrutiing

HR shared service centre recruiting in Poland: top trends

The time in which companies would have all their staff under one roof has changed. Technology, costs, and talent pools have driven companies to adapt and change. We now find dedicated IT services, call centres, and customer care stations based all around the world. But

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What is recruitment marketing? A beginner’s guide to standing out

What is recruitment marketing? In the recruiter-candidate context, recruitment marketing refers to the strategic promotion of career opportunities. Of course, recruitment marketing can also take place in a business-to-business environment. In that context, it pertains to the strategies undertaken by a recruitment company to attract

Choosing between RPO vs. a recruitment agency in Singapore

Ask any HR generalist or professional they spend the most time on, and they will likely tell you recruitment.On-boarding activities that clients can choose to outsource such required background checks, offer letter generation Time spent on recruitment will be amplified if the organisation decides to