Our CEO’s predictions for hiring practices in 2021

Against a backdrop of COVID vaccination campaigns, economic uncertainty, and a range of social issues, our CEO for the Americas and EMEA region, Darren Lancaster, shares his predictions for hiring practices in 2021 in his interview with Changeboard. How will businesses address DE&I in their

Post-Pandemic Prediction #2: The Gig Economy is on the rise

In our post-pandemic predictions report, our second prediction was the rise of the gig economy. Prior to COVID-19, the market for temporary and contractor employees was already growing faster than the market for permanent staff. Post-pandemic, permanent headcounts will be considered a risk factor, and

6 questions about Employer Branding answered

In a competitive talent market, where despite the challenges presented by the pandemic and the downturn of business operations, the demand for talent still consistently outstrips supply, employer branding is increasingly coming into focus. Where companies already found themselves trying to sell their workplace to

Post-Pandemic Prediction #1: What worked online will stay online

In our post-pandemic predictions report, our #1 prediction was: What worked online, will stay online. Virtual processes are here to stay and will even be the preferred method. Initially, many of us expected to work from home only temporarily, but as time passes more and

Announcing our new MSP partnership with Tabcorp

Hudson RPO, in partnership with Beeline, is delighted to announce its new MSP solution for Tabcorp.  In what will be an initial three-year engagement, the solution went live in November 2020 after a six-month implementation program. Prior to the engagement of the MSP solution, Tabcorp

What to look for in an RPO provider

Once you have decided that a recruitment process outsourcing solution is the right way forward for your business, it is time to select an RPO provider. But how to select the RPO that is right for you? We have listed some key considerations for you

4 signs telling you an RPO solution could be right for your business

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) partners can support a variety of business landscapes. Hudson RPO has supported clients in many different industries from pharma to finance and manufacturing to music distribution. Clients have been supported in transitions, times of growth, as well as times of challenges

8 Key predictions for a post-pandemic workplace

The year 2020 is one we will never forget.  The impact of a global pandemic has shaken businesses to their very core, providing the impetus for rapid and radical change across organisations of all sizes and industries.  In our Post-Pandemic Predictions  report we unpacked some

Ready to elevate your talent processes? Why and how RPO can help

Are you looking to transform your talent acquisition function to drive the competitive edge your business needs? Attracting, engaging and retaining top talent has never been more critical for gaining a competitive edge. And winning top talent has never been more competitive. That’s why partnering