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Social Recruiting through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

As social recruiting continues to mature and build employer branding opportunities for organisations, there are still many who struggle with the concept and opportunity to develop and share their company’s stories and values. Whilst many still see online recruiting as difficult or time consuming, it


Talent Acquisition: Implementing a Blended RPO Solution

Talent management is the single greatest challenge facing corporate directors today, according to just-released research by the Harvard Business School. Rising costs and a fierce marketplace are definite concerns, but attracting, hiring and retaining top talent and protecting these top-tier hires from being raided by

Coach And Bench

The Key Objectives of a Contingent Workforce Solution

In business, the permanent workforce plays the role of superstar starters, while the temporary workers are impact bench players. In an age of specialization and lurching demand, a contingent workforce solution becomes even more critical. In fact, research by the Aberdeen Group says that 20

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The Challenges and Benefits of a Blended RPO Solution

In the war for talent, few battles are won with feeble field commanders. Deploying the proper workforce resources takes coordination and a focused, strategic view. Contingent hires, such as independent professionals, temporary contract workers and freelancers, are becoming more important in a world increasingly dominated

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Super-Charging Sales with Quality of Hiring Metrics

Imagine the impact that a 20 percent sales increase would have on your company’s bottom line. Now, imagine a 40 percent increase. With quality hires, your sales team can outperform your sales goals. In fact, a study by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company reports

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The Value of a Recruitment Diagnostic

Are you spending so much time fixing your recruitment processes that you are not getting the results you need? Candidate channels are evolving rapidly. Social media provides access to more candidates than conventional job boards ever did. It’s tough to know if your recruiting efforts

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How to Hire Top Talent: 7 Sourcing Strategies You May be Missing

Discovering the next singing superstar may seem easier than finding your next key employee. With all of the reality television talent shows that catapult unknown contestants into mega-stardom, you would think someone could develop a new and efficient way to recruit great hires. Meanwhile, you

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Human Resource Training: Coaching Quality of Hire Champions

Andy Murray’s recent sports triumph marked the first British Wimbledon men’s singles tennis champion in 77 years. Raw talent and superior backhand skills? Of course. But, as with many sports champions, there is more to the story. Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker has said that


The 5 Most Common Errors in Employee Evaluation

Compiling and making sense of employee evaluation data from multiple sources is a bit like herding cats. You might be successful eventually, but there’s going to be a lot of running around in circles to get the job done. And perhaps a bit of wailing,