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How Can RPO Solutions Invigorate Your Business?

Possessing an RPO partner has multiple benefits. RPO offers expert advice and services designed to streamline the hiring process, reduce cost per hire and time to fill, alleviate tedious, time-consuming activities required of the hiring process, resulting in quality improvements to the process and hires.

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The RPO Solution: An Evolving Process (Part 2)

In a recent roundtable discussion, some of the world’s largest RPO providers gathered to discuss how their RPO solution changes as they move along the partnership. Here’s what they had to say (continued from Part 1): Focus on the Journey The RPO company participants stressed

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The RPO Provider and Client Partnership: An Evolving Process (Part 1)

In recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), change remains constant. With today’s array of strategies and technological advances, one factor that remains constant to the success of the RPO engagement is the RPO provider and client partnership. As RPO solutions continue to mature clients are working with


Choosing the Right RPO Provider for Your Business

So you have decided to outsource your recruitment function to a third party specialist. Now the hard part. How do you work out which RPO provider is right for your business? Step 1 – Understand the Business Need The first step is to ensure you

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Three Effective Recruitment Strategies You May Not Know

Many sourcing strategies are straightforward and well-known in the business community. However, there are many effective recruitment channels you may not know as well. The following strategies are becoming more common across organizations and should be considered when developing your recruitment and sourcing strategies for

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The Importance of the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is a key step in achieving better quality hires and encompasses every aspect of the candidate’s experience from the time they first encounter the organization, to receiving a job offer, to the first few months of their employment. Paying attention to a

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Flexible Solutions to Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Off the shelf just doesn’t cut it anymore. In the past, we lived in a more cookie-cutter world: dressed the same, watched the same television shows, and listened to the same music. Today “bespoke” is the buzzword. Customized, made to order, built to suit. Recruitment


Recruiting Trends: 5 Critical Skills Required for Today’s Recruiters

Gone is the Rolodex, replaced with real-time data. Help-wanted ads have given way to web postings. Today’s recruiters are in a rapidly changing industry serving a broad tapestry of corporations, regions and languages. Modern recruiting trends require a professional that is online, well-connected and active


Knowing When the Time is Right to Hire an RPO Service

You know when things are getting a bit out of hand. Time is short and deadlines are pressing. The staff is on edge and you’ve lost a bit of your usual confidence. Retaining the most effective employees is becoming a challenge, and recruiting has become

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Four Steps for Designing an Attraction & Sourcing Strategy

When working with a client, it’s important to develop a sourcing strategy for the recruitment process and for the benefit of the client. The following approach, broken into four parts, takes you through the process of understanding your ideal candidate, building a sourcing map, reviewing