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The Value of a Recruitment Diagnostic

Are you spending so much time fixing your recruitment processes that you are not getting the results you need? Candidate channels are evolving rapidly. Social media provides access to more candidates than conventional job boards ever did. It’s tough to know if your recruiting efforts

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How to Hire Top Talent: 7 Sourcing Strategies You May be Missing

Discovering the next singing superstar may seem easier than finding your next key employee. With all of the reality television talent shows that catapult unknown contestants into mega-stardom, you would think someone could develop a new and efficient way to recruit great hires. Meanwhile, you

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Human Resource Training: Coaching Quality of Hire Champions

Andy Murray’s recent sports triumph marked the first British Wimbledon men’s singles tennis champion in 77 years. Raw talent and superior backhand skills? Of course. But, as with many sports champions, there is more to the story. Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker has said that


The 5 Most Common Errors in Employee Evaluation

Compiling and making sense of employee evaluation data from multiple sources is a bit like herding cats. You might be successful eventually, but there’s going to be a lot of running around in circles to get the job done. And perhaps a bit of wailing,

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Why Measuring Quality is Essential to Reducing Your Cost Per Hire

One of your latest recruits was such a disappointment: a drag on morale, productivity and profits. The damage to team effectiveness and project momentum far outweighed the salary and benefits paid to the misguided hire, but on top of all that add $3,500 to the

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HR Metrics: Going Beyond the Basics

Senior management is on board: the mandate is now clear; measuring quality of hire is a priority. Now you’re faced with going beyond the basics in HR metrics. Sixty percent of organizations that measure quality of hire have been doing so for less than two

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Maximizing Best Hiring Practices

Consider the cost of getting recruitment wrong. Additional turnover, the drag on morale, the time spent trying to salvage or reform a poor performer. So many times hiring resources are measured on efficiency, service and cost metrics rather than on quality of hire. Best hiring


Remote Hiring & The Benefits of a Recruiting Team for Latin America

Latin Americans place great emphasis on face-to-face personal relationships, so for many Latin American companies, sourcing talent remotely and hiring remote workers simply isn’t a consideration. However, for those willing to break with tradition, operational efficiencies and cost savings await with remote hiring. The Benefits

6 Key Strategies for Improving Quality of Hire

Hudson RPO and the HRO Today Institute recently conducted a global benchmarking study on how companies measure quality of hire. Based on the research findings and discussions with organizations worldwide, Hudson RPO has identified six key steps to delivering a successful quality of hire program.